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How to Make Homemade, Crusty Bread Nothing beats the smell and taste of a fresh, home baked loaf of bread. The incredible fluffy lightness, the chewy texture, and the delicious crunch make for a perfect addition to a home cooked meal. Here are a couple of...  more »

Frog legs, a delicious delicacy served in Europe and throughout France, China, Indonesia, Portugal, and India. Often, frog legs are lightly fried before adding into dishes. As frog legs are consumed in huge quantity per year, as much as four tonnes in...  more »

Lasagna is a staple in Italian cuisine – offering countless variations to the ingredients, sauce, and cheese combinations. Here is a fantastic vegetarian lasagna recipe which can be played around with and changed to add your signature flair to it....  more »

Cheesecake – a tantalizingly rich, creamy, satisfying dessert that knows no bounds and can be transformed into dozens of different flavors and textures. This how-to is going to help you to create your own unique cheesecake with a healthy dose of...  more »

Macaroni Salad is the perfect side dish for a lot of different meals. It's great in the summer with hamburgers or just about anything off the grill. I actually found that it goes really well with chicken as well. Not only that, but Macaroni Salad is also...  more »

Fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals, fiber, and antioxidants which are all beneficial for your health. Many experts including the USDA and the Canadian Food Guide suggest eating between five and ten servings of fruit and...  more »

During times of economic turmoil, many people start taking another look at their budgets to see where they can save money. One of the first places people look to is the typically high grocery bills. Being realistic about the amount of money that you are...  more »

A healthy alternative to making meatballs that use ground beef, is to make ground turkey meatballs instead. Below you'll find all the ingredients you need to make tasty Italian Turkey meatballs. Just follow the directions and in no time you'll have cooked...  more »

Want to make a quick and easy sandwich that's not only satisfying and tasty, but also healthy, then make yourself an egg salad sandwich using the recipe below. It's the perfect luchtime meal, and can go great with a side of macaroni salad or even some...  more »

Here's how you can make homemade Caesar Salad dressing that tastes great and is way better than anything you can buy from the store. Ingredients 1 cup mayonnaise 2 teaspoons anchovy paste 1 fresh garlic clove - pressed & mashed to a paste 1/4 cup...  more »

Wines come in many different tastes and budgets, range from red to white to rose, from sweet and light to robust and tangy. With so many different selections to choose from, how are you going to ensure that you choose a wine to match your meal? While...  more »

Timing is everything when making the perfect hard-boiled egg. Follow the directions below to make hard-boiled eggs that are cooked just right! Directions Place eggs in saucepan/ pot (do not stack eggs on top of each other). Turn on the faucet and fill...  more »

Here's an eggplant parmesan recipe that is super delicious and will surely be a hit with whomever you make it for. I know, because whenever I make this recipe for people, they always want seconds! This eggplant parmesan goes great with spaghetti and...  more »

Recipe to make meatballs for spaghetti or pasta.  more »

French toast is one of the easiest meals you can make that tastes great. Learn how to make it for yourself.  more »

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