How to siphon gas safely out of a cars gas tank.  more »

It's pretty simple to change the clock on a 2005 Honda Accord if you know the steps. Here's how you can change the time on the clock radio: Hold down the "Sound" button until it beeps and the Clock time starts flashing. Use the preset "4" button to change...  more »

The rising price of gas is making it harder and harder for people to save money in the transportation area of their budgets. However, when the prices are low, many can’t be bothered to find lower prices that what is offered at the closest pump....  more »

For many people, their vehicle is a status symbol. Whether you have spent thousands of dollars or just a few hundred on your car, chances are you want to take it from clean to sparkling new. Before you begin, you are going to need to assemble a detailing...  more »

You might be surprised to learn that there are a number of simple things you can do to help increase the gas mileage of your car, truck or SUV. Follow these straightforward tips to start improving your vehicles gas mileage.  more »

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