How to Change the Clock in a Honda Accord 2005

Here's how you can set the time on a 2005 Honda Accord.
by Updated March 18, 2019

It's pretty simple to change the clock on a 2005 Honda Accord if you know the steps.  Here's how you can change the time on the clock radio:

  1. Hold down the "Sound" button until it beeps and the Clock time starts flashing.
  2. Use the preset "4" button to change the hour of the day.
  3. Use the preset "5" button to change the minute of the hour.
  4. Once your finished changing the time, simply press the "Sound" button to save your changes.


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anonymous by colt on 11/26/2020

my homie n i couldnt figure it out, but now we know what time it is all the time! '05 whippin in '20 ay

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