How to Find Cheap Gas

by Updated May 14, 2010

The rising price of gas is making it harder and harder for people to save money in the transportation area of their budgets. However, when the prices are low, many can’t be bothered to find lower prices that what is offered at the closest pump.

Depending on the type of driving you do, such as whether you have a long commute or not, few people really realize the substantial savings potential that shopping around can have. There are several ways that you can use that can help you find cheaper gas, every time you need to fill up.

 1 – Use the Internet

Always check several online gas comparison sites such as or These sites rely on people just like you and I who send in their price findings about local gas stations, usually after they’ve visited them. Prices are kept updated for 24 hours and can help you find a station around the route you need to take that has cheaper prices than the competition.

2 – Try Going into a Less Desirable Neighborhood

Obviously, this depends on where you are exactly, but typically gas prices in less desirable neighborhoods are less expensive. The reasoning behind this is that the nicer the neighborhood, the higher the overhead of the gas station and therefore the higher the gas price.

 3 – Use an out of the Way Station

Avoid using the “convenient” gas stations that are in and around highway entrances and exits, or service bays. You usually end up paying more due to the convenience of it being right there when you need it. Preplanning your trip around a less expensive gas station alternative can help put money back into your pocket.

4 – Check the Local Discount Retailers

Retailers such as Wal-mart and Kmart often have gas stations attached to yield more customers. They often have lower prices to entice people to come and spend more money inside the stores. You may have to wait for your turn, but you could save a significant amount of change by doing so.

5 – Use Gas Rebate Cards when Possible

If a gas station you frequent often has a gas rebate card, such as a $0.05 off per liter when using your Mastercard, apply for one. In the lifetime of your card, you will probably end up saving hundreds and hundreds of dollars that you’d otherwise have spent.



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