How to Make a Healthy Cheesecake

A delicious cheesecake doesn't have to make you fat.

Cheesecake – a tantalizingly rich, creamy, satisfying dessert that knows no bounds and can be transformed into dozens of different flavors and textures. This how-to is going to help you to create your own unique cheesecake with a healthy dose of delicious.

Step One – The Crust

Most full fat recipes call for crushed graham crackers and butter for the crust. Instead, aim for a healthy alternative by trying low-fat graham crackers, nut meals such as almond meal or cashew meal, and adding various flavoring agents to it, like cocoa powder, dates, or even orange zest. Spicing it up with hints of cinnamon or nutmeg can also add a depth to the flavor of your cheesecake without adding any calories or fat.

Step Two – Pie Filling

There are a few different ways to change the nutritional value of the creamy filling but doesn’t compromise flavor. The easiest way to reduce calories and fat is to change your filling to either a low fat or fat free cream cheese. One of my favorite healthy fillings is to use yogurt cheese, plain low fat yogurt which has been drained of all the whey, sweetened with agave nectar and a touch of vanilla extract.

Step Three – Change the Flavor

Try making a fruit filling with two cups of your favorite berries, Splenda, and water cooked and swirled throughout the cheesecake or as the cake topping. Or, try mixing a little orange extract and orange zest into the filling and creating a graham cracker and cocoa powder crust. Even better, try a sugar free caramel or chocolate syrup on top of a lemon cheesecake with a walnut crust. Mix almond extract with a toasted almond and sliced strawberry topping for a decadent treat. The possibilities are endless as long as you use your imagination and restrict the use of sugar in your cheesecake. Substitute with Splenda and the natural sweetness of fruits.

When you choose low fat or non fat versions of cream cheese, you will be restricting not only fat but keeping your carbohydrates low as well. Yogurt cheese is an extremely healthy alternative and is easy to make and very inexpensive. Whichever you choose, rest assured that you will be making an extremely healthy cheesecake dessert that is just as tasty as the full fat versions.



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