How to Decide Between Two Women to Date Exclusively


Do you find yourself liking two girls? If you do, then it's probably time you choose the girl that you should exclusively date. However, before we go into the details of the steps that would guide your way, you need to make sure of one thing. Be certain that your chosen girl is into you as much you’re into her. Now, let’s get the ball rolling and proceed to those steps.

1.) Make a comparison of the kind of relationship that you have with the two girls. Why do you spend time with them? Do you see them as prospect partners for a lifetime marriage? Or do you simply go on dates with them to pass the time? You need to be certain of your motives. That’s the first step for you to know which girl you prefer.

2.) What can the other girl give you that the other one can’t? This question doesn’t pertain to material objects alone. Which girl makes you really happy? Which girl leaves that silly smile on your face at the end of the day? Which girl are you more comfortable with? Think about the kind of companionship that you have with these two ladies. That’s all you have to do for step 2.

3.) Jot down all the good qualities of the two women that you are dating. You need to list down all of the things that you like in them and how they relate with your friends and family. You can include their physical assets but don’t focus on that. Write down the qualities which pertain to their personalities. This will help you make a better judgment of their characters.

4.) Remove from the list the qualities that the two girls both have. You should focus on their individuality for you to realize which is better than the other. You can also take note of their bad traits for you should end up with a person who will inspire you to grow and improve as an individual. After looking thoroughly on the list that you have, you now have to make the decision.

5.) For the 5th step, you would have to break up with the girl that you have not chosen. You need to do this as soon as you can for you to spend your time and energy with the one that you really want. The other girl would most probably cry after your confrontation but she’ll soon get over that. Plus, don’t ever regret your decision.

Additional Tip:

  • No matter what the circumstances are, you need to choose one girl over the other. You just can’t have two women in your life if you really want to build a solid relationship. You are cheating on them and you would only bring yourself more trouble if you don’t choose right away.





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