How to Treat a Girl you like Really Well

by Updated September 19, 2018

How do show your concern and affection to that one special girl? Well, here are the 16 ways for you to do so.

1.) Try not to often argue with her. Remember that you are doing your best to liven up her mood and not to make it worse. If you don’t agree with her opinions, then try to see things her way. Compromise is the solution to everything.

2.) State clear jokes. If she still feels sad, then just comfort her. Make her slowly smile despite her situation and you can later on use your jokes to have her laugh her heart out.

3.) Treat your girl that way you treat your mother and your sisters. Respect her individuality and decisions. Show to her that you can be true gentleman.

4.) Be true, sincere and honest all throughout the relationship. If you can’t help but cheat with another girl, then tell her the truth and get out of the commitment sooner.

5.) Never make false promises. These things can truly break a girl’s heart. You can try to change for the better but if your girl wants you to disown your personal and religious beliefs, then you might need to start reflecting if your relationship is still worth fighting for.

6.) Make your dates memorable. Make her feel treasured and important. Truly have fun whenever she’s around simply because that is how love should be. It should bring happiness to someone’s heart.

7.) If you keep doing things which bring disappointment to your partner, then you need to begin asking yourself if you’re the person that she truly needs. You might not be perfect for each other after all.

8.) Mark your calendar with the important dates in her life such as her date of birth and your anniversary as a couple. This is something that she would certainly be grateful for.

9.) Mention the premiere night of the movie that she’s been waiting for or the release date of her favorite book. This will let her see how thoughtful you really are

10.) Listen intently to what your girl is sharing with you. As her partner, you need to physically be there for her whenever she has problems and even during her times of triumph and joy.

11.) Be conscious about your hygiene. Nothing turns a girl on but a neat looking and fragrant partner.

12.) Mean every compliment that you are about to make. Really, it all comes down to one’s sincerity.

13.) Get to know more about your partner as each day goes by.

14.) If your girl wants to chatter the night away, then let her be. Just do you part and listen to what she has to say.

15.) Take no as an answer. Make your girl comfortable with you at all means. You shouldn’t do things that would make her hate you.

16.) Overall, just be a nice and affectionate boyfriend. You don’t need to be perfect. Simply show your girl that she’s appreciated and loved in every single way.



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