How to Kiss Really Well

Best Kissing Tips for Guys and Girls.

Do you want to know everything about the art of kissing? Well, you have definitely found the right article to read.

How Do You Start To Kiss?

1.) Make your prospect realize that you want to kiss him or her or that you want to be kissed.

  • Produce irresistible lips but before that use spray or eat a mint candy minutes before your date. Never eat a chewing gum for it can definitely ruin your kiss. Don’t forget to give your lips some color by applying a lip gloss or a lipstick.
  • Part your lips softly and give your bottom lip a small bite if you have to.
  • Glance at your prospect’s lips and get caught doing that.

2.) Compliment your prospect romantically to ready him or her for a kiss or to have that person take the initiative instead.

Make your prospect feel that he or she is the most handsome or the most beautiful being that you have ever seen. You can use compliments such as:

“I am extremely lucky to be sitting with you at this moment.”

“Your eyes are simply enticing.”

Keep your voice in a low tone and maintain eye contact. These actions would certainly show your prospect that you’re interested and it would lead him or her to go near you.

3.) You can optionally test your prospect if he or she really wants to be kissed by you.

Softly kiss the side of your prospect’s lips if it’s a guy. Don’t pucker and make the kiss last for two seconds.

Do the same type of kiss to the back of a girl’s hand.

If your prospect didn’t resist to your initial kiss, then feel free to kiss him or her right in the mouth.

4.) If the steps above didn’t work for you, then just tell the person that you really want to kiss him or her. You just have to say it in a romantic way like these sentences.

“It’s killing me sitting here and not being able to kiss you.”

“I’d do anything to kiss you right at this moment.”

5.) Just kiss the person! Muster all the confidence that you have and simply kiss your prospect.

The Methods of Kissing

1.) Softly part your lips to show that you are willing to be kissed romantically.

2.) Kiss your partner lightly. This will help you determine if he or she is really into you. Don’t be too aggressive and avoid from smacking your partner’s lips. This might interrupt the kiss.

3.) Occasionally, swallow your saliva. Purse your lips and pull away for a while if you to start to feel too much moisture on your mouth.

4.) If you have managed to reach this step safely, then it’s time for you to fully lock and stack your lips with your partner. You are also recommended to lock the lower lip of your prospect first for most individuals have larger ones which can be grabbed easier.

5.) Relax and don’t forget to breathe. Break the kiss temporarily if necessary. If you find yourself breathing heavily, don’t panic. It just shows that you’re really into kissing that person and he or she would most likely be delighted with that fact.

6.) Draw the person closer to you with the use of your hands. Gently pull his or her hair towards you, tilt his or her chin, frame his or her face, put your hands around her waist or his shoulders.

7.) Slowly move your tongue now during a lip “lock.” If your prospect responds negatively to the gesture, then stay with the type of kisses mentioned above. If not, then you can optionally try step no. 8.

8.) Do the French kiss. Use your tongue more in the kiss. Start with light strokes and only apply more pressure and speed if your prospect is receptive of the gesture.

Keep one’s tongue in motion. Never allow it to settle on the mouth of your prospect if you don’t want the kiss to end. Start with your prospect’s lip, then to his or her mouth and proceed touching your tongue to your prospect’s tongue if all goes well.

9.) Jump from one technique to another. Don’t bore your partner by applying one kissing method only. Learn to kiss shallow, deep, quick and slow for you to keep your prospect excited about you.

10.) You can optionally nibble on the lower lip of your prospect. This can make the kiss more exciting. Just nibble lightly and continue to kiss your partner.

However, not everybody is into this gesture so you might get rejected by doing so. Just don’t take it to heart for your partner’s resistance doesn’t make you a bad kisser.

11.) Take breaks occasionally to intensify the kiss. Momentarily reflect on the experience, put your lips near the ear of your prospect or simply make eye contact with your partner.

Kissing Someone for the First Time

1.) Choose someone that you can trust. This can certainly boost your confidence up when kissing. Moreover, be an understanding and patient partner if you are your prospect’s first kiss.

So what if it feels awkward afterwards? Don’t worry too much! Everyone has passed through this phase and you would soon get over it.

An awkward kiss can even get you closer to your partner so learn to value it somehow.

2.) Applying some spray or chewing a few mints can also stiffen up your spine when the “moment” comes. Brushing your tongue and teeth and putting some lip gloss or lipstick can give you the confidence that you need as well.

However, don’t be an obsessive compulsive. Unless you have just risen from a deep sleep or have eaten garlic or some onions, your mouth would naturally feel warn on someone else.

3.) Take things slow. Look straight into your partner’s eyes and take your time in kissing your prospect for a more sensual effect. Remember that your first kiss happens only once so just treasure the moment.

4.) Let your partner kiss you instead and simply go with the flow. Only do this step if you really have no idea on how to kiss someone or until you consider yourself as a great kisser already.

5.) Learn to take come clever risks. Explore all the methods of kissing and be the first one to kiss your partner as time goes by. If your prospect pushes you away for nibbling on his or her lips, then don’t get offended. Learn from your mistake and try another technique that he or she is comfortable with.

After Date Kisses

1.) Get physically closer to your partner. Place your hand on her waist or on her shoulder as you walk together to her house. This will certainly make your goodbye kiss more natural and romantic. Also, it would not lead you to hastily kiss her on the cheeks instead and be on the friend zone forever.

2.) Be attentive of your prospect’s body language. If he or she doesn’t go near you when you have both already reached the door, then that the cue for you to smile genuinely, thank the person for a wonderful night and exit. Your partner may not be ready for a kiss so just wait.

3.) Give your prospect want he or she wants. If he or she pulls back after the kiss, then do the same and smile for you to let the person know that you respect his or her need for a temporary distance. If your prospect seems to be enjoying your kiss, then don’t be afraid to add pressure to his or her lips.

4.) Look into your partner’s eyes. This will make you partner realize that you would want to have a kiss. If he or she still doesn’t get the “hint”, then try to glance at his or her lips for a bolder sign.

Don’t hesitate to do these steps if you want to make the most out of your goodbye kiss. Also, never kiss your prospect by surprise if you don’t want your faces to bump with each other.

5.) Talk less and focus on getting that goodbye kiss. You can nod at your partner’s remark but make that kiss happen.

6.) Whisper in your prospect’s ear or kiss him or her near one’s mouth, ear or cheek for you to determine if he or she is ready for a lip lock yet.

7.) Just don’t be too aggressive on your first kiss and on your first date. Your prospect might take it offensively and never date with you ever again. Keep your lips light on your partner or simply kiss him or her briefly.

Kissing Someone in a Non-Romantic Way

1.) If you want to show your respect for a person, then you may kiss his or her hand instead. You may even kneel or bow down before that person while you do this action.

2.) Give someone a “pop” kiss or simply pucker your lips. Try to do this alone and practice keeping your lips closed so that the person whom you’re going to kiss won’t put malice into your gesture.

3.) Also, do step no. 2 in the shortest time possible simply because lingering on someone’s lips would certainly look romantic.

4.) When you lean in to kiss a person’s cheek, make sure that your head’s turned to the side and that your lips are positioned in the middle of his or her cheek for you to make your non romantic intentions fully known. You can also just put your cheek beside the person’s cheek and produce the “pop” kiss in the air instead.

Quick Remedies to Usual Kissing Problems

  • If you and your partner both have braces, you can actually still kiss each other. It’s totally safe so don’t worry.
  • If you have a bad breath, then simply eat a breath mint before the kiss happens.
  • If your partner is shorter or taller than you, then position your body that would allow you to kiss him or her conveniently.
  • If your prospect kisses badly, then teach him or her the art of kissing and let that person know if he or she is doing the right thing by giving a positive response during a lengthy kiss.
  • Kissing someone especially for the first time is all about perfect timing and your prospect’s feeling towards the kiss. His or her actions would be able to guide you in this matter.
  • If your partner finds you uninviting, then try to smile more, look into your prospect’s eyes, keep your hands inside your pockets, relax your shoulders and don’t cross your arms.
  • If your lips feel dry, then apply a lip gloss, lipstick, facial exfoliator (fine grain) or a toothbrush lightly on them.
  • Brush your tongue and your teeth for you to be more confident with your mouth. Apply some mouthwash afterwards.


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