How to Be Good to Your Girlfriend and Treat Her Well


Any Tom, Dick or Harry can get a girlfriend, but knowing how to treat your partner well is the mark of a true man. It’s common knowledge that relationships can be a complicated area to maneuver and keeping a healthy relationship takes a lot of effort. Being responsive and open to how your girlfriend is feeling is one way to avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings. There are other ways of treating your girlfriend right and here are some of them.

  1. It’s a cliché but honesty really is the best policy in a relationship. Don’t lie to your partner. Lying to her implies that your trust isn’t fully there and will backfire on you, making her wary of trusting you too.
  2. Don’t shy away from showing affection in public. We’re not talking about major, uncomfortable PDAs here. But a sweet little kiss, holding her hand or putting your arms around her won’t hurt and shows how much you care for her. Partners showing their affection to each other is an integral part of any successful relationship and in the case of most women, makes her feel cherished.
  3. But know when you’re showing too much affection. Light touches and gestures are good, but not every woman wants her man to be too touchy-feely. Know her boundaries and tell her what yours are.
  4. Pay her sincere compliments. Knowing that what you’re telling her is the truth is better than giving half-baked praises.
  5. Show her that chivalry isn’t dead. Walk on the side closest to the road, help her out of the car or open doors for her. This doesn’t mean that you’re patronizing her, it is simple good manners.
  6. Don’t belittle or make fun of a woman in front of your girlfriend (or anyone for that matter.) Some women might consider this a red flag and can show what kind of character you have.
  7. Be true to yourself and show her the real you. Don't pretend to be someone you’re not. If you don’t like something, say so. Show her your little quirks and idiosyncrasies. Your relationship will have a better chance of surviving if you both know what really makes the other tick.
  8. Never take advantage of your girlfriend’s good nature. Remember that your partner also has her own life and responsibilities so don’t ask her to shoulder some of your expenses. This is especially tacky if she’s raising children.
  9. Make her feel like she’s the most important person in your life because she most probably is. One thing most successful partnerships have in common is that they treat each other as the first priority, and not just an afterthought.  
  10. Give her your complete and undivided attention when you’re together. Really interact with each other. Share your day and listen to what she has to say.
  11. Remember that life is made up of little things so no matter how long you’ve been together, send your girlfriend her favorite flowers, write her a short love letter or just text her out of the blue and ask her about her day. Those small gestures will keep feelings alive and tell her that you’re still crazy about her.
  12. Even at this day and age, you should still pay for dates and other things occasionally. But be sensitive about her views on this. If your girlfriend doesn’t feel comfortable with you footing the bill every time, then consider splitting the expenses or letting her pay from time to time. This way, she won’t feel like she’s dependent on you and she won’t be antagonistic.
  13. What endearments you use or how you call her can be a potential landmine. Words like “sexy” or “hot” are not always compliments. As a matter of fact, most women resent being described or called that since it’s often patronizing or demeaning. Make sure that your relationship already as a strong foundation before using those, shall we say, endearments. And remember that when your girlfriend tells you not to call her “baby” or “dear,” she’s really serious and it’s in your best interest not to use those expressions.
  14. Regular calls or text messages are often welcome. Some women love it when their men call or text first thing in the morning or before bedtime. But again, make sure that your relationship is already grounded and steady, as some might be put off by so much texting.
  15. Going back to the aforementioned terms of endearments, why don’t you try calling her gorgeous or other unique expressions. Aside from showing your creative side, it also shows a woman how important she is to you when you call her something other than the run of the mill pet names.


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