How to Stop Being an Overly Obsessed Girlfriend

How you should not be an obsessive girlfriend.
by Updated July 1, 2013

When you become too attached with someone romantically, you begin to think that he feels the same way towards you too. This is not always the case and in some cases your obsession can lead the other person to pull away from you. In fact, your partner might already be thinking of leaving you because you are such an obsessive girlfriend. How do you put your love for him under control? Well, this article should certainly teach you how.

I. Change for Your Own Good

1.) Determine whether you are an obsessive girlfriend or not. If you find yourself clinging to your boyfriend most of the time, then you really are an obsessive partner. Recognizing your flaw is the first step that you should take in order for you to change for the better

2.) Now that you are aware of being an obsessive girlfriend, it’s time for you to control yourself. Find the kind of balance that most successful relationships have. You don’t need to stop spending time with your boyfriend. You just have to find time for yourself while having this significant other in your life as well.

3.) Loving is not owning. When you start to act like you own your partner, you begin to think that he or she can’t live without you even if that is not true. In short, you become delusional and that is certainly not healthy for you.

4.) Most obsessive girlfriends are women who have a lot of insecurities and less confidence in their relationships. Thus, you must continuously do things that you are good at. These things can constantly remind you that you are special and that you have a personality that you can be proud of.

5.) Learn to spend time away from your partner. For your relationship to work, you need to create a healthy distance between you and the one you love from time to time. Do things that interest you or learn new hobbies. Be involved in a workshop or visit your family and friends.

6.) Never lose your identity while you’re inside the relationship. You should never change yourself inside and out just to please your partner. That is because if ever the relationship ends, you still have yourself intact and it would be easier for you to move on with your life.

7.) At the end of the day, check how you feel. Do you feel intense and emotionally tired with your relationship because you are focusing too much on your partner? If you do, then you have to realize by now that being an obsessive girlfriend is not good for you.

II. Change for Your Partner

1.) Learn to trust the person whom you love. If your relationship lacks this characteristic, it would never last for a lifetime. Being an obsessive girlfriend would also make matters worse. Learn how to deal with your trust issues before they get the most out of you.

2.) Don’t be afraid to tell your partner that you need to time for yourself and for the other people in your life. Tell him that you both need to spend time away from each other once in while to prevent you from becoming an obsessive girlfriend again. If your boyfriend wants to go on a date after you hang out with your other friends, then you are free to go with him.

3.) Know how to read the body language of your partner for you to determine if he already feels suffocated with your presence. Pay attention to how he moves his body. If he refuses to hug you back and to maintain eye contact, then you would have to provide him the temporary space that he needs.

4.) Encourage the guy that you love to enjoy activities with his friends or spend an afternoon with his colleagues without you tagging along. Don’t feel resentful or threatened by the other people whom your partner gets to interact with for they are part of his life as much as you are.

5.) Tell your guy that you want him to have a great time with his other friends and mean it. You must not feel sad about the time that your partner spends away from you because he needs that too. If you feel really bored without him, then why not watch your favorite TV series or movie to keep you occupied?

6.) Try your best to be a supportive girlfriend not an obsessive one.

III. Change for the Relationship 

1.) Have more meaningful dates. Spend time together because you love being with each other not because you feel obliged to do so. Make your dates memories that you can treasure for a lifetime for you to value the relationship that you have even more.

2.) After spending some time away from each other, bond together again and catch up with each other’s adventures. By doing so, you’ll be able to have more things to talk about and keep the relationship more alive and interesting.

3.) Don’t stalk your boyfriend. If you really trust your partner, then you wouldn’t need to open his social networking account and regularly check his inbox or worse, follow him wherever he goes. These things would surely push your boyfriend away from you. Thus, if you want your relationship to last, then you should learn to acquire a lot of trust in your heart.

4.) Don’t make your partner feel trapped inside your relationship. This would certainly lead him to break up with you eventually. Don’t check up on him constantly because he is not a child and he has a life of his own. You should learn to accept that and live your own life as well.

5.) Don’t act as your boyfriend’s wife when don’t clearly have that title yet. Don’t be such a nagger girlfriend and yell at him when he comes home drunk from a friend’s birthday party. Let him enjoy his life while staying committed with you.



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