How to Be a Great Boyfriend

Tips to be a better Boyfriend

Any guy can be the best partner for the girl he loves. One just needs to behave properly and be consistent in walking that extra mile. You must also respect yourself in order for you to better respect your girlfriend. Remember that building a relationship is like building a tall establishment. It can take days and even years but the happiness that it can give you is certainly worth all your hard work. Thus, below are the ways for you to become the greatest boyfriend for her.

Be honest and trustworthy

  • Security and comfort in a relationship come from the honesty and sincerity of both parties. This has already been proven by medical research. When you have nothing to hide from your partner, she would certainly be honest towards you in return and even respect you all the more.
  • Keep your honesty in moderation. Don’t over compliment your partner because that’s really not necessary. Say what’s on your mind but consider her feelings as well.
  • If you have a straightforward girlfriend, then accept it. You’ll soon realize that she’s only acting that way out of concern for you.
  • Committing yourself to someone means that you are entrusting her of your emotions.  Thus, be open with what you feel for her to better understand you as an individual.
  • Trust her to “behave” even when you’re not around. Don’t act like an overprotective father.

Support her in any way

  • Make her feel secure by supporting and being there for her in any way. Whenever she wants to just rant about her day, make her feel better by listening to every word that she has to say. Your girlfriend would really appreciate  that.
  • Don’t ever make her feel that she has to literally buy your attention. You might end up losing her in the long run.
  • If your girlfriend shouts or whines at you for not listening to her, then you just have to accept the fact that it’s your fault. Simply understand that she’s having the worst day of the year so far and she needs a supportive boyfriend as of the moment.
  • Say genuine compliments to your girlfriend and accompany those statements with actions for you to show her that you really like her new dress or the way she skillfully applies make up etc.
  • If your girlfriend gets sad over the pettiest things, learn to sympathize. If she lost her pet, then give her all the comfort that she needs. Help her to move on and don’t leave her side.
  • Never stop your girlfriend from crying. Sometimes, it’s the only way for women to solve their issues. Never dictate her to stop from doing so for it would give her the impression that you’re insensitive and that you see her as an annoyance. Just let her talk about her problem or her source of      great happiness and behave according to the situation.
  • Never solve your girlfriend’s problem without her consent. It’s her battle and she just wants you to be there for her as she vents her emotions. When she has already cried the tears that she needed to cry, then you can lend her a helping hand.

Be a guy of actions

  • Give your girlfriend a kiss on her neck, forehead, cheek, hands or lips and a sound hug every now and then for you to make her feel your love. However, learn to read her emotions for you to know the right time to do so.
  • If your girlfriend doesn’t like you doing these things in public, then do them when you’re somewhere more private.

Give her surprises

  • Keep your relationship exciting for your girlfriend by bringing her to places that she has never been to or by eating exotic foods together. A new environment might be frightening but it can bring you closer to each other and let you both experience a moment that you will never forget.
  • Be spontaneous. Invite her to a pot making session or dance with her inside a huge shopping mall. It may sound stupid but you’re girlfriend would definitely find it romantic.
  • Make the events in her life more meaningful by consistently giving her gifts. You don’t have to spend all your money for this step. Just make consider her likes and be more creative.
  • The traditional flower and chocolates package would be fine but try giving personalized presents. It would make her see that you have given much thought to your gift.
  • You can even give her a gift for no reason at all. Believe it or not, most women love dating spontaneous men.
  • Most importantly, mark your anniversary, her birthday etc on your calendar for it’s your duty to remember those dates.

Keep the communication lines open.

  • When having conservation with your girlfriend, don’t let it be all about you. Give her the chance to share her experiences as well. Learn to balance things and your relationship would certainly go a long way.
  • If you’re type of person who doesn’t talk that much, then you can ask your girlfriend questions for you to know more about her instead and for her not to get bored with your presence.
  • If you have a bit of knowledge about her favorite book, then share what you know. If you don’t, then ask her what makes the book so addictive. This will make her see your interest in her personal preference.
  • Never stare at your partner during a conversation! That’s really creepy you know. Just be an active listener for you to be completely appreciated by your partner.

Don’t be a possessive boyfriend. Be the ideal one.

  • Allow your partner to grow as an individual. Love is not about owning someone.  She has friends before you came into her life so let her go out with them from time to time. Socialize yourself. You two must be able to enjoy life together and apart.
  • If you’re treating her well, then be confident that she wouldn’t cheat on you. Thus, avoid being a fierce green eyed monster, buddy
  • If you really feel that she’s flirting with that guy, then tell her about your concerns in a calm manner.
  • Compliment her lack of make up and make her realize that you’ll still find her beautiful without that mascara on but if your girlfriend’s completely in love with cosmetics aside from being smitten by you, then still appreciate her for that.
  • Be responsible of yourself. Your girlfriend is not your nanny. Always remember that.




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