How to View Yourself the Way Other People View You

How you can see yourself through others' eyes.

It would be natural for a person to wonder about the thoughts of other people towards him or her. However, only a stronger person would be able to accept that not everybody in this world would approve of his or her actions and that some of his or her friends may even be jealous of one’s state of life.

Thus, below are 6 easy steps that you can follow for you to be able to see yourself in the eyes of others. Let this article be your guide in better understanding the views and opinions of other individuals. Remember that you can’t be the only star in your “show” so in order for you to pull it off, you would have to listen to the advice of others from time to time.

1.) Consider everyone around you as your own set of mirrors. They are the perfect reflection of who you really are. For example, if you treat your colleagues in bad way, then they would soon grow distant of you. They would not be enthusiastic in greeting you in your workplace. Thus, you would need to reflect on yourself with regards to this matter. Are you a good person? Do most of your friends adore you?

If not, then you would have to work on your attitude. It’s true that you can’t please everybody but then no man is an island. You need someone to talk to whether you like it or not. Plus, if everyone you know doesn’t like you, then there must be something terribly wrong with how you treat all of them

2.) Pay attention to everything that someone has to say to you. Most of the time, people don’t show what they truly feel. However, their words during conversations give them away. Thus, become a better listener if you want to know who your true friends are. Catch who are secretly envious of you and once you have done that, reassure them that their lives are worth just as much as yours.

Every word is important. Consider sentences as the pieces of a huge puzzle that you would soon finish in time. Moreover, active listening lets you know the people who are genuinely concerned about you. It also lets you recognize the individuals who just want to spread false gossip about your life

3.) Examine yourself during conversations as well. Stay attuned to everything that you have said to your friend. Have you stated something offensive? If you have, then know the reason as to why you have said that. Get to the bottom of your emotions because that’s the only way for you to sort out your feelings and effectively communicate them to others.

If you can’t properly explain to your friend the reason for your offensive remark, then he or she may take it negatively and treat you as an enemy instead. Just get to know more about yourself as each day goes by for you to defend yourself against people who only see the bad traits of another person. Fight for your individuality.

4.) Find the person in this world whom you hate so much. He or she reflects you perfectly. You may find this statement unbelievable but it’s a fact that has already been proven by most psychologists. Let’s just put it this way. You hate that person so much because he or she has undesirable traits that you have within yourself which you choose to ignore because well, they are not things that you can be proud of.

Thus, before you start pointing your fingers at other people and judge them for their misdoings, make sure that you don’t have the same faults yourself. Don’t be someone who easily discriminates a person just because he or she thinks too highly of one’s self.

Keep your feet on the guard. That’s one way for you to gain true friends.

5.) View your enemies as your greatest motivation to become a better person. Learn to be more patient with them and effectively manage your emotions. It’s like seeing the good in every bad situation. If you can’t turn them into your friends, then know that it’s their loss not yours. Have a clear conscience and treat them as an opportunity to change the things that they don’t like in you.

Ignoring them would even give you a peaceful mind. You’re not stepping on anyone’s dignity so you shouldn’t care about anything that they have to say. If they’re happy with spreading rumors about you, then let them be. They would face their own judgment in time. Just continue living out your values.

6.) Continue to see yourself in the eyes of others. This is for you to be constantly aware of your misdoings and for you to form stronger relationships as well. Surround yourself with people who are willing to support you all your life for they are the individuals who can help you become a better person. Stay away from fake friends. They would only be there for you when you’re up and well.

Simply do steps 1 to 5 on a regular basis. You will soon realize that with the help of others, your flaws would be clearer to you and that you would have no choice but to change them. Never be afraid of modifying yourself. If it’s for the better, then you would have nothing to worry about.



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