How to Stop Getting Jealous in a Relationship

Tips for Overcoming Jealousy.

It’s actually normal to be jealous in certain situations. However, this feeling won’t do you any good most of the time. It can even lead you to lose the person that you love. Thus, how do you control the jealousy that you are feeling towards another individual? Better yet, how can you stop being jealous?

For your convenience, we have 9 steps you can take to help prevent you from being that green eyed monster. So, just relax and learn everything you can from these tips.

1.) For you to stop being jealous, you have to know the reasons as to why you are feeling that way. Did a friend or co-worker steal the spotlight from you? Is your child closer to your partner because you’re not always at home?

2.) After knowing the cause of your problem, it’s time for you to see the good in people. Don’t treat everybody as your rival for fame and fortune. Moreover, don’t judge people that easily. If you see your special someone flirting with someone else, then get his or her side of story. You might just be overreacting over something that never happened in the first place.

3.) This step may be contrary to the previous one but you would have to listen to your instincts as well. If your partner is a natural flirt, then you should tell him or her that his or her behavior makes you uncomfortable. If this person really loves you, then he or she would certainly change for the better. If he or she doesn’t, then this person is simply playing with you.

4.) Trust your partner more and more each day. Every type of relationship is built on trust. Thus, you should learn to completely trust your partner for you to avoid being jealous all the time. If you have trust issues, then you should tell your special someone about it. Work hand in hand in making your relationship last.

5.) Don’t let jealousy get the most of out of you. Don’t let it turn you into a very paranoid girlfriend or boyfriend. Allowing this feeling in your system most of time would lead you to be someone whom your partner wouldn’t want to be with for a long time. Don’t imagine those scenarios if they are not happening in real life.

6.) Don’t immediately be sarcastic or snobbish whenever you feel jealous. If your best friend wants to go out with his or her other friend, then be supportive instead. Tell them the name of the restaurant that they can visit together or the latest movie that is out in theaters. Just be cool about the whole situation because you basically don’t own your best friend’s time.

7.) Don’t demand too much of the other person’s time especially if you’re just his or her friend. Respect the personal space of that person and understand that he or she won’t be able to be there for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Just do other things that would make you happy if your best friend is not around.

8.) Don’t compare yourself with the people around you. Focusing on the things that you lack and emphasizing on the things that other people have will certainly make you a green eyed monster for life. Be content with the life that you’re living. You can’t have everything and even if you can, that is not a guarantee that you would always be happy.

9.) Have confidence in yourself. Don’t think of yourself as inferior to others because you are not. You have your own personality and you can excel in everything that you do if you try your best. If a friend doesn’t want to spend time with you because he or she has other friends who are richer, then this person is not a true friend at all.

Additional Tip:

Don’t keep everything inside you. Again, it’s normal to feel jealous from time to time. Thus, tell the other party that he or she is hurting your feelings. By doing so, both of you would be able to reach a compromise. Just express your thoughts in a calm way for you to avoid further arguments.



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