How to Meet New People and Make New Friends

Tips to meet new people and make new friends without coming across as creepy.

First impressions do really matter. Thus, here are some steps for you to give out a good impression towards people whom you want to be friends with.

1.) Don’t be afraid to approach them. Moreover, know the basics of talking with strangers. Actually, there’s a book called How to Talk to Strangers so you might want to check it out for additional information.

Once you’re already in a conversation with your new acquaintances, then give them your undivided attention for them to start feeling comfortable with you.

2.) Keep the conversation flowing. Just stay casual, don’t act like a police interrogator and settle for common interests as the topic of your conversation. Simply make the other person enjoy your company and everything else will follow. Also, contain your excitement. Don’t let your new friend think that you are a lunatic on the loose.

3.) Keep your distance. Don’t get too close with someone or you’ll scare that person away. Take notice of the body language of your acquaintance as well. If he or she can’t make eye contact with you, then most probably, that person is not comfortable with your presence.

Just be attentive to other people’s expressions and you will learn to “read” their thoughts eventually.

4.) Don’t be too clingy with the people around you. If a person refuses to get acquainted with you, then that’s fine and don’t act like it’s the end of the world. Remember that there are a few people who want to be alone so learn to accept that. Simply continue to improve yourself and don’t rush into making all your acquaintances into your new friends or better yet, find another person to talk with.

Also, put into mind that everything happens for a reason. That snobby lady or that arrogant guy might do you harm in the long run, so just let fate guide you to the right persons.

5.) Be open to constructive criticism. If nobody literally wants to be your friend, then there’s a great possibility that there is something in you that is not so appealing to most people. It can be the way you dress or the way you act so try to improve for the better.

It isn’t a crime to be peculiar but if that characteristic of yours hinders you to become a social being, then it’s truly time for you to change your fate

Don’t be afraid to take that first step. Sometimes, change can be good and at the end of the day, you’ll realize that you made the right decision right there.

However, maintain your personality as much as possible. You don’t have to undergo a complete make over just to please everybody. Don’t follow the demands of all the bullies in your school or at your workplace. I mean what’s the point of being everyone’s friend if you’re not truly happy of what you’ve become?

6.) To become someone’s friend is a long process. It’s something that doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a step by step procedure so you have to abide by the “natural rules” of the process starting from the lowest one. For example, you can begin to establish a connection with someone by maintaining eye contact during a conversation. However, occasionally look at other things as well so you won’t appear like a psycho.

Don’t make a private invitation unless your other friends are going to be there too. Someone’s trust is something that you have to gain and inviting your new acquaintance to unknown places won’t help you get that. That move might even give you a slap on the face instead so think about it.




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