How to Flirt Naturally through Chat or Text

Flirting tips.
by Updated February 28, 2013

If you succeed in flirting with someone, then you can definitely increase the chances of getting a date with the man or woman of your dreams. We know that flirting doesn’t come naturally to most individuals so below are a few steps that you can do for you to get somebody into you with the use of your phone or personal interaction.

Flirting Through Chat or Text

1.) Be confident and start a conversation. You can do this by typing a simple “Hi” or “Hello”. Don’t let the fear of being rejected by your prospect stop you from trying to reach out to him or her. Remember that nothing will ever happen to you if you don’t gather your guts and just stare at the screen of your phone or at the monitor of your computer.

2.) Let your prospect feel comfortable with you by encouraging him or her to discuss about oneself. You are allowed to type your personal details but don’t give yourself away. Let your prospect do the asking for you to know if he or she is really into you.

Also, by letting your prospect do the talking, you will be able to get to know that person better and have a continuous conversation. This will also give your prospect the impression that you are truly interested in everything that he or she has to say.

If you are not even acquainted with your crush, then you can ask about how his or her day went. You need to stay casual in this kind of situation for you might be mistaken as a creepy stalker if you start acting like you’ve known your prospect all your life.

If you already have some information about your prospect, then you can ask questions that are related to his or her likes. Just let your conversation be all about your crush for you to make him or her feel wanted and appreciated.

Know your limits as well. Keep the conversation going by being friendly and not by being a probing admirer. Remember that you’re simply flirting and you don’t have the right to get inside the personal life of your prospect just yet.

3.) Make your prospect know your true intentions by complimenting him or her. It gives them the signal that you are interested in them,

If you’re just starting to get familiar with your prospect, then you can type compliments like these:

“I absolutely enjoy chatting with you. You’re simply amazing.”

If you’re crush is going out with another person, then try to type these lines:

“I just wish that your date values you the way I do.”

Take note of the features that you can compliment and those that you can’t. For example, most ladies don’t want to called “hot”, they would rather appreciate you taking notice of their hair or facial features.

Bold compliment are also accepted but they have to be said on the right cue. Below is an example of a bold statement.

You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. Don’t forget that.

4.) Send jokes and tease your prospect casually. Use words and emoticons appropriately for your message to be fully understood by its recipient.

5.) Walk out of the conversation gracefully. You can type something like “Text me tomorrow?” Also, don’t forget to let the other party know that you appreciated your time together.

Flirting Personally 101

1.) Look into the person’s eye. You can wink, hold his or her gaze during a conversation or consistently glance at that person from afar until he or she notices what you’re doing.

2.) Give out a positive aura. Smile slowly before you talk to them for you to acquire a sexy appeal. Smile genuinely when you’re already involved in a conversation and don’t forget to do step no. 1.

3.) Just say a simple “hi” to your crush every time you get to see him or her. This can help you to eventually start a conversation with that person.

4.) Finally make an introduction and be mysterious for a while. Just state your name for this step and don’t forget to get the name of the other party as well. You can also be mysterious for a while. If your prospect is truly interested with you, then he or she would find ways to get to know your name.

5.) Tell your prospect that he or she is handsome or beautiful. Compliment that person as soon as you’re done introducing yourself for them to realize that you intend to have a date with them in the near future.

Do step no.1 while you compliment someone to show that person that you mean what you say. It would also help if you speak in a low tone. This will certainly add a sexy appeal to your compliments and make the person go near you so that he or she can hear you better.

You can follow the compliments stated in step no.3 of the Flirting through Chat or Text section for you to be properly guided.

6.) Converse. This is the part where in you can apply all your skills in flirting. You can begin to establish a connection with a simple: “Fine weather, isn't it?” Just say things that will encourage your prospect to open up with you.

If you plan to flirt with your co worker or classmate, then talk about the things that connect both of you.

If your prospect literally turns away from you after you gave your first line, then look for another prospect. If he or she answers your question, then maintain the connection and move forward from that point.

Ask more casual questions. For example, never ask your prospect about his or her ex partners. Simply discuss topics that you both like.

7.) Do actions that will show that person how you feel.

Position your body facing your prospect and never cross your legs and arms for you to give the impression that you are open for some company.

Touch your crush casually or make this gesture look like an accident so you won’t be labeled as a creep.

If you’re a lady, then twirl your hair during a conversation for you to show your prospect that you feel nervous and that you are attracted to him.

8.) Flirt briefly. Make the person want and miss you by not contacting him or her on a regular basis. Talk for a maximum of ten minutes only for you to prevent reaching a dead end in the conversation.

9.) Know the final verdict. If you feel that your prospect in interested in you as well, then plan for your first date.

Casually ask what are his or her plans over the weekend or simply state that you and you’re friends are planning to go on a movie date to encourage your prospect to come along with you.

You can also give a bold statement such as "I'd love to take you on a date. When are you available?"

10.) Move on to another prospect if your flirting didn’t work well. As they say, there are a lot of fishes in the ocean, so don’t be afraid to flirt with somebody else if your first prospect didnt show interest in you.



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