How to Keep a Conversation Going with Good Conversation Starters

Techniques you can use to keep a conversation flowing.

Having a good conversation with somebody can bring you more benefits than you can ever imagine. First, it is important in leaving great impressions. Second, it can help you gain true friends in the long run. Thus, below are steps that you can follow to prevent you from having dead air in a particular conversation.

I. Starting the Conversation

1.) Allow the other person to be comfortable with you by letting him or her talk about one’s self. By doing so, you will never run out of things to talk about. This is your first step to being a great conversationalist.

2.) If you’re having a conversation with someone for both of you to be able to catch up on things, then ask him or her questions that will let you know how the person’s been doing since you last met each other. If you’re talking with a friend, then simply ask about what’s new in their lives.

3.) If you’re having a conversation with a stranger, then avoid discussing things about sex, health issues, family and relationship conflicts, money, politics and religion. Essentially, avoid offending this person just because you might have a different perception with regards to the subjects mentioned.

4.) If you are already comfortable with the person whom you are talking to, then ask about his or her hobbies and interests. Start getting to know more about this person if you intend to have a deeper relationship with him or her.

5.) If the other person has a profession or a business, then ask about those things. However, you'll have to make sure you don’t sound like an HR personnel in bringing up the topic. Keep this part of the conversation short and sweet to avoid the other person from feeling uncomfortable.

6.) Talk about drinks and foods. You will certainly have no trouble in discussing these things for they are considered as a neutral ground in a conversation. Who knows? You may have a lot of common when it comes to your favorite cuisines and beverages, so don’t hesitate to tell the other person about the food which delights you the most.

7.) Talk about the places where the other person would like to go, if given the opportunity to travel. If he or she has already went to areas outside of the country, then let the person talk about one’s experiences and adventures.

8.) If the two of you have already reached a comfort zone with each other, then you can ask the other person about his or her family. Let him or her talk about one’s siblings and ask them where they grew up. Talk about the person’s fondest childhood memories.

9.) If you have just met this person in a particular event, then ask him or her why he or she has decided to attend the occasion. Just find something that you both share for you to be able to start a good conversation.



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