How to Begin a Conversation with a Stranger and Keep it Going

Step by step guide for you to have a great flowing conversation with someone who you may not know.
by Updated September 20, 2014

Let’s face it. Keeping a conversation alive is not that easy. Thus, here’s a step by step guide for you to have a great flowing conversation.

1.) Approaching a stranger is done in 4 simple steps: dress appropriately, smile, introduce yourself and stretch your hand for the person to shake it.

2.)  Then, sit comfortably and say something nice about the venue like “The pool looks great!”

3.)  Start to inquire more about the person by asking questions such as "Which university are you attending to?" “Do you read novels?” Just don’t stick with basic questions and simply encourage the person to chat the night away.

4.) It would also be best for you to accompany those questions with simple compliments. Below are a few examples:

“Great dress, where did you bought it?”

“The food here is simply amazing. What’s your favorite dish by the way?”

5.) You can also include sensory words in the questions that you will be asking. This type of questions can keep the conversation interesting.


“How do you SEE your future?”

“How do you FEEL about John’s promotion?”

6.) Don’t get too personal. Remember that you are talking with someone you barely know and not with your closest friend. Stay on the safe zone by discussing topics that you both agree on. Tip: You can talk about the weather only if its condition is extraordinary.

7.) Be in sync with the other person. For both parties to have a smooth conversation, one must listen attentively to the person talking to ensure great interaction as well.

Laugh and smile accordingly. If you don’t find the person’s joke funny, then simply nod and smile instead.

Say positive comments. You can actually let the other person do all the talking but you have to show him or her that you’re definitely into the conversation by stating short comments such as "That's great!" “Wow!” etc.

Stay curious about the person. Forget about your own issues for a while. If the person shows genuine interest with hobbies you actually do yourself, then be open to seeing him or her again in the near future.

Often state the name of your new acquaintance. It gives the person the impression that you really like to be his or her friend and it also helps you put into mind his or her name.

Act friendly. Nod when the situation calls for it and don’t stare at the other person. Just make eye contact. You can even casually touch his or her arm if both you are already comfortable with each other.

8.) Keep the conversation balanced. The other person will eventually get tired talking all about oneself so here are the things that you can do when that happens:

Start sharing about yourself. However, don’t give too many details since it would still be better for you to get to know more about the other person.

Emphasize that you would rather do the listening than the talking. Do this politely by saying something like “I love watching James Bond films too but let’s not talk about me. I would want to know what a beautiful lady like you wants to eat for dinner.”

9.) Stay positive. The other person might be judging you in his or her thoughts but who cares? Keep in mind that you just want to make friends and if they don’t’ really like you, then it’s there loss.

Be confident. You have to believe that you are the most adorable person in this planet for you not to be too conscious about yourself. Overcome your fear of rejection. It’s the only way for you to live your life to the fullest.

10.) Know when to take the conversation further and know when to stop. We all have different personalities. Thus, you will most likely encounter strangers who are generally aloof so don’t push them to their limits. You may continue to encourage them to talk with you but then again, know the moment when you already need to leave them alone.

11.) Practice makes perfect. Apply steps 1 to 10 to different persons for you to get better in time.



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