How to be Charming and Charismatic

Tips to be charming and liked by just about everyone.

Having a certain charm is equivalent to being beautiful from inside. It can be naturally acquired by someone or it can be achieved through perseverance and practice. Thus, here are the steps for you to do just that.

1.) When having a conversation with a stranger, encourage the person to continue sharing his or her likes or dislikes and be an attentive listener in return. This results to great interaction between the two of you and you may even become the best of friends in the future.

2.) To make people think that you’re charming and a trustworthy person, you must prevent from saying negative comments about another individual. Mention the strengths of a person when talking about others in order to give out a good impression.

3.) When someone compliments you, believe that he or she is sincere with that action and be thankful as well. Just accept another person’s praise about you and never say something like: “No, I’m not ______.” Instead, state additional comments that would make people glad that they have complimented you in the first place.

4.) In relation to step no.3, try your best to compliment other people too. Your praises can certainly help increase someone’s level of confidence. Simply say what you have appreciated in that person as soon as you can, for him or her to feel your sincerity.

5.) Urban or hip hop language may sound cool, but a few people may not understand it. So, just say things politely in the Standard English language and people will certainly be more apt to say you have a certain charm.

6.) Watch your tone. Speak gently, clearly and appropriately. If you’re going to compliment someone, then try your best to sound cheerful for you to show your sincerity. You can even use your mobile phone and record your voice while you say different kinds of compliments for you to determine if you’re saying things right.

7.) Know what to talk about. For people to consider you charming, you have to talk or let them talk about their passions in life. You don’t have to give the impression that you know everything. You can even just listen to your companions as they talk about their hobbies and they would still appreciate you for that. You can also ask them questions and simply be truly interested in their answers for you to maintain your charm.

8.) Let your eyes reflect your happiness. Allow your smile to reach your eyes (Duchenne smile). It lets people see that your interest in the topic is truly sincere and they will find you much more charming.

9.) Talk to a stranger the way you talk to your dearest friend. It helps establish rapport and makes the person forget that you actually don’t know each other yet. Just respect the individual that you’re talking to and speak kind words for you to gain his or her trust.

10.) Try your best to put into your mind the name of your new acquaintance. Mention his or her name several times during your conversation for you to store that important detail in your subconscious and for that person to feel more comfortable with your presence.

11.) Develop a true interest in individuals. You should be fascinated or intrigued with a person’s thoughts, emotions or his or her mannerism. You must casually ask questions that will make people feel better about themselves.



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