How to Read Body Language Signals to Understand Signs and Gestures

Step by step guide to reading body language.

Reading a person’s body language can certainly increase your interpersonal skills. A few individuals are born “readers” while some are not. Luckily, this skill can be learned and here are the steps for you to accurately read the expressions of someone else’s body.

1.) Look at people’s feet.

If you see a person’s feet shift from one direction to another, then he or she is probably intimated, excited or impatient. If he or she shuffles one’s feet, then that person’s is extremely bored.

However, ADHD patients are an exception to this principle since their legs can’t really stay stable even if they want to.

Crossed ankles at a sitting person indicates that a person currently has nothing to worry about while closed feet on standing position shows a person’s effort to be decent in a perhaps a formal occasion.

If you feel someone’s feet touching yours from under a table, then that person is certainly attracted to you.

2.) Take note of nervous actions.

If a person raises his or her eyebrows and uses one’s fingers to brush back his or her hair, then most probably, he or she doesn’t fully agree with your opinions. However, brushing one’s hair alone can mean that the person’s attracted to you.

A person’s disagreement can also be seen in direct eye contact, the person’s frown and if he or she intentionally adjusts his of her glasses.

If a person squints his or her eyes and lowers one eyebrows during your conversation, then he or she is probably skeptical with the issue being discussed but that person is definitely listening to what you’re saying.

3.) Notice what people do with their hands and arms.

Crossed arms might tell you that a person’s indifferent, formal or that he or she is not at ease with one’s clothes. This behavior can also be a simple habit that a person does.

By the way, most influential people tend to place their feet apart and cross their arms.

If a person is completely relaxed with the situation that he or she is in, then he would most probably place one’s head or neck on top of his or her arms.

Clenched hands can be a sign of nervousness, anger and irritation.

If a person is tired and impatient already, then he or she will have the tendency to put one’s hands on his or her hips.

If a person rubs his or her hands, then it can be his or her way to relax during a nerve wracking situation.

4.) Take note if someone is mirroring you.

Following someone’s outfit or actions is what you call mirroring. To determine if someone is actually mirroring you, simply tilt your head in several angles for example. If that person mimics what you have done, then he or she is definitely mirroring you and that person is certainly into you.

5.) Maintain eye contact.

If a person can’t maintain eye contact with you, then he or she might be lying to you or is afraid of you.

If he or she looks at the ground and not on your face, then shyness or sadness are the emotions to be blamed for that person’s behavior.

If a person tends to look far away, then he or she is obviously thinking of something else or that person might have eyesight problems.

Dilated pupils can be caused by alcohol, drugs or eye problems so don’t quickly associate that condition with attraction.

Some people only do eye contact with other people whom they are fully acquainted with or with people whom they have great respect for depending on the kind of culture that they have.

6.) Take notice of how people move their heads.

Sympathy can cause a person to extremely tilt his or her head towards you except if that person has problems with his or her eyesight. If he or she is smiling while doing that action, then that person is probably flirting with you.

If a person cocks his or head when you’re around, then he or she is probably challenging you or confused about you. Just take a look into the person’s mouth, eyebrow and eyes for you determine the emotion he or she is portraying.

If a person lowers his or her head towards you, then he or she might be lying to you. If you compliment his suit or her new hairstyle and that person does the same action, then he or she can’t probably believe that you said that and it’s obvious that the person is shy around other people.

A lowered head is also a sign of a person’s uncertainty about his or her shared views. A person might also lower his or her head to you simply because he or she respects you.

7.) Take note of people’s reaction once you go near them.

If a person is not resistant to your closeness, then that means that he or she is at ease with your presence. If that person moves away when you start to go near, then you have to keep your distance with that individual since it’s plain to see that he or she just wants to be your acquaintance.

However, you have to consider the person’s culture as well. Moving away from you might be his or her way of showing that he or she likes you.



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