How to Build Up Your Self Confidence

Simple steps to gain greater self-confidence.

Do you have no confidence at all? If you don't, then let this article help you change the way you see yourself. Allow us to teach you the ways you can create a new “you” in order for you to be more loved and respected by the people whom you mingle with everyday.

1.) Don’t strive to be perfect. Being a perfectionist can totally bring you down when you encounter failure.

2.) Be someone who has a huge heart. Extend your help to those who need it. Knowing that you are making this world a better place would certainly increase your self confidence. Thus, don’t be hesitant to do charitable work whenever you’re free.

3.) Hold on to your values. They make you who you are and you don’t have to forget about them just to please somebody. Just do what you think is right and be confident in defending your beliefs among other people.

4.) If you don’t feel confident at all, then pretend to be the opposite. People would only see what you want them to see. Thus, if you act confident in front of everybody, they would never guess that you’re shaking from the inside.

5.) Smile every time you look at yourself in the mirror. It helps you to be more positive about things giving you the confidence to face any trial in life.

6.) If ever someone pays you a compliment, be truly grateful about it. Don’t act like your friend’s statement doesn’t matter to you at all. Say “thank you” and know that you are on the right track of achieving that self confidence.

7.) On days when it seems that nothing’s going your way, stay positive. These things too shall pass and as they always say, you can expect a rainbow after the rain.

8.) Stop complaining about the things that you don’t have. When you start appreciating your features and the totality of your being, you stop comparing yourself with others. You start believing that you are beautiful or handsome in your own way.

9.) Know the things that you are good at. Focus on enhancing your skills and work on becoming successful in your chosen field. When you reach the top, don’t forget to tap your shoulder and congratulate yourself for a job well done.

10.) Rise each time you fall. Learn from your mistakes and redeem yourself. Don’t stay on the ground for too long. Stand up and lift your head high. Show to others that you can things right once again.

11.) Know the reasons as to why you are so insecure with others. Fix yourself before you work on “stiffening that spine”. If you think that you are physically unattractive and incapable of loving someone, then change for the better.

12.) If an event from your past caused you to have some trauma, then learn to cope up with your fear. You can’t just sit there and watch everyone achieve their dreams while you wait for yours to come true.



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