How to Choose Clothes to Flatter Your Figure

Look your best with figure flattering garments.

Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that regardless of your body shape and height, the way you dress yourself can make or break your appearance to other people. Flattering your figure isn’t just about dressing a certain way – you need to take into consideration colors, fabrics, and even textures to make sure you look and feel your best in everything that you wear.

Step One – Correctly Emphasis Your Body

Many people, women in general, tend to overemphasis their biggest areas without meaning to. In order to look leaner and longer, try to focus your outfit around the narrowest part of your body. This generally is the natural waist or a few inches above it. Although it may seem counterintuitive because a lot of women tend to want to draw the attention away from their midsections, using a belt, ruching or structured jacket buttoning at the narrowest part of your body will actually cause you to look thinner and be more flattering on the body.

Step Two – Choosing Colors and Patterns

Many people opt to purchase darker clothes in the hopes that they will be figure flattering. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Start by choosing colors that match your skin tone such as cool skin tones with silver, dark grey, blue, dark green, purple, and white or a warm skin tone with cream, medium brown, bronze, soft green, plum, navy blue, red and metallics. Play with contrasting patterns for tops or bottoms but keep the size of the pattern in line with the size of your body. Remember, too large prints will completely overshadow you.

Step Three – Elongate Your Legs

A great way to elongate your legs and make you seem longer and leaner is to adopt a pair of pointy toed shoes, either heeled or flat. Both work as a way to make your legs go on forever, without having to actually add any height for already tall individuals. Choose bold shoes that will make an impact on the outfit you are wearing without overtaking the spotlight. Note that whatever type of shoe you are wearing, your pants should come within a half inch from the floor.

To find a great outfit that makes you look and feel great may take a lot longer than you expect. Be prepared to try on a few different outfits before you find something you love; the key is to not get discouraged and to keep on looking. Eventually you will be able to find flattering pieces quickly and easily.




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