How to Remove of Chewing Gum from Clothing

Various ways you can get rid of gum from clothing.
by Updated January 24, 2013

Your clothes have annoying gum stains on them. Now, what do you do? First, stay calm and read through this article. After that choose the most suitable method that you can use to get your outfits free from those disgusting stains.

WD40 Technique

1.) Get a sprayer and apply WD40 on the affected area of your clothes.

2.) Get a brush or a cloth and rub off the gum from your clothes.

3.) Wash your garments afterwards.

Orange Oil Technique 

1.) Buy an artificial orange oil solution in the market and put a small portion of it in a cloth.

2.) Use that cloth to eliminate the gum from your clothes.

3.) Wash your garments.

Rubbing Alcohol Technique

1.) Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth.

2.) Use the cloth to rub the gum off your garments.

Oil and Boiling Water Tehnique 

1.) Pour water into a bucket and boil it. Put your clothes in the water afterwards.

2.) Get your clothes and lay them flat on the ground. 

3.) Apply oil on your clothes, use a butter knife to get the gum and wash your clothes afterwards.

4.) Repeat steps 1-3 until you remove all the stains from your clothes.


Lanacane Method

1.) Eliminate all the stains that you can.

2.) If the stains persist, apply a small amount of Lanacane (a mixture of Acetate, Glycol, Isobutane and Ethanol) on them. Allow the chemical to settle down on your garments for half a minute and carefully remove the stains now with the use of a blunt knife.

3.) Wash your garments.


Duct Tape Technique

1.) Get a portion of a duct tape roll.

2.) Place the material on top of the gum stain.

3.) Remove the tape from the stain.

4.) Repeat previous steps until your clothes are free of gum stains already.


Hair Spray Technique

1.) Apply some hair spray on the gum stains and remove them right away once they have turned in solid materials.

2.) Wash your clothes after removing all the stains on them.


Goof Off Technique

1.) Buy Goof Off from a hardware store and spray it on a sample cloth for you to make sure that it won’t make the color of your shirt fade away.

2.) Spray the product on the actual stains now and use a butter knife to get those gums.

3.) Use a paper towel to remove all the stains that those gums have left behind.

4.) Repeat steps 2-3 if the stains are still there.

5.) Let your garments dry off to eliminate the presence of Goof Off on them as well.


Lighter Fluid Technique

1.) Buy an old fashioned Lighter Fluid in a department store and apply in on the reverse side of the gum stain.

2.) Turn your clothes into their normal sides and start scraping the stains.

3.) Apply more Lighter Fluid if the stains are still there. Wash your clothes with clean water before you put any detergent on them.


Liquid Laundry Soap Technique

1.) Apply liquid laundry soap into the gum stains.

2.) Grab a brush and use it to remove the stains.

3.) Get a blunt knife afterwards to completely eliminate the stains.

4.) Use your nails of the stains are still there.

5.) Wash your garments afterwards.


Other substances such as vinegar, peanut butter, gas (petrol), Servisol label remover and additional methods such as ironing and freezing can all be used in removing gum stains from your clothes.

Just remember to carefully apply all of these techniques to your clothes to prevent them from getting damaged and to prevent you from buying new ones.



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