How to Choose a Skin Care Treatment


In our society of constant fast paced living, it’s no wonder that we get caught up in anti-aging products that let us believe that time isn’t going by as fast as we think it is. There are literally dozens of skin care treatments, each one claiming to be the “one” that will prevent wrinkles, remove sun spots and skin damage, while rejuvenating your skin. Here are some of the commonly used non-invasive skin care treatments so you can weigh the difference applications and choose which one will work for you.

  1. Facial Peels – Facial peels are utilized to reach the soft, younger looking skin that is underneath the outer layer of skin. A chemical solution is applied to your damaged outer skin which is then “lifted” off the face, revealing the fresh, new skin underneath. AHA, alphahydrocy acids, peels are most common and use glycolic, lactic or fruit acids. These peels give smoother, bright looking skin and are the mildest of the peels but often require multiple treatments to see results.
  2. Microdermabrasion – Microdermabrasion is used to remove dead skin cells on the top layer of skin to promote improved skin color and texture, diminished scar tissue, smaller pores, less acne breakouts, and a healthier, overall look to the skin. It is a very useful and non-invasive method at treating damaged skin through the use of abrasive crystals which are run through one hose while another hose sucks the used crystal along with dead skin cells off of the new skin. There is a slight stinging to this treatment however there is no permanent damage when used.
  3. Facials – Facials should be given once a month to promote healthy, blemish free skin. The general routine of a facial includes a thorough deep cleansing and toning of the skin, followed by an exfoliating treatment. Then, a gentle steaming is done to the pores for about 10 minutes to relax and open them to allow dirt and bacteria to pass out. Gentle extraction of blackheads occurs under powerful magnifying glasses as to not damage any of the surrounding skin. Skin is then disinfected to further remove any remnant bacteria and a masque is then applied based on skin type. Once set, the mask is removed and skin is cleansed and toned once more before moisturizer is applied.

Keep your skin clear and looking healthy by utilizing some of the various skin care treatments to help you look youthful and beautiful.




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