How to Remove Super Glue Off Skin

Steps to Get Rid of Super Glue that is Stuck On your Skin
by Updated August 20, 2017

We all know that super glue is powerful stuff.  It never fails to glue anything together and it can be useful in any situation.  But what if you get it on your skin?  How will you get it off?  Actually, it’s pretty easy so there’s no need to worry.  Below are a few ideas to help you out. 

Nail Polish Remover Method

1)  Once the glue touches your skin, it’s important to soak the area in warm soapy water immediately.  Ideally this will relax the glue and help it loosen.  If you find that it’s not working, try adding some vinegar.  If you’re still struggling, don’t worry.  Dry the area and try step two. 

2)  As super glue contains cyanoacrylate, acetone based nail polish remover can help dissolve this element and free your skin.  Apply nail polish remover to the glue and rub gently. The glue should begin to peel.

It is important to note that cotton pads should not be used because it will have a negative effect when mixed with cyanoacrylate.  Additionally, be cautious around delicate skin, or open cuts.

3)  Another method is to let the super glue dry completely first.  Then use a nail filer to file away at the glue gently.  Just don’t file too hard!  You don’t want to scrap off any skin.  If you don’t have a nail filer handy, try using a pumice stone. 

4) If you’re a more patient person, simply let the glue come off on its own.  Eventually it will peel off painlessly by itself. 

Margarine Method

1)  If you have more sensitive skin, margarine could help.  Smudge some margarine on the glue and rub continuously until it comes off. 

WD40 Method

1)  Combine equal parts of acetone based nail polish remover with WD-40.  Do this in the event that the acetone dissipates too quickly.  If the glue is on a vertical part of your body and you are having trouble keeping the solution on, add some petroleum gel to the mixture to thinking it up. 

Laundry Detergent Method

1) Household laundry cleansers of any kind is also worth a try.  Combine the detergent with hot water and apply to the area.  If the glue is on your fingers, simply put the solution in a drinking glass and alternate scrubbing and soaking.



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