Actually, you just have to eat the right kinds of food for you to have a gorgeous appearance, radiant skin and glossy hair. You are free to purchase artificial products if you believe that these items can make you look better. However, you have to know...  more »

We all know that super glue is powerful stuff. It never fails to glue anything together and it can be useful in any situation. But what if you get it on your skin? How will you get it off? Actually, it’s pretty easy so there’s no need to...  more »

Permanent markers have so many great purposes. If you’re artistic or imaginative, you can decorate your school books, create cool designs on t-shirts, or even sketch on walls. You can even draw on your skin! But don’t worry, when it comes to...  more »

With the onslaught of technological and medical advances in the last decade, getting clear, smooth skin is now as easy as going to your local drug store for an arsenal of products for picture perfect skin and implementing a twice daily routine for optimal...  more »

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