How to Get Smooth, Clear Skin

Getting clear skin is made easy using a three step system everyday.

With the onslaught of technological and medical advances in the last decade, getting clear, smooth skin is now as easy as going to your local drug store for an arsenal of products for picture perfect skin and implementing a twice daily routine for optimal benefits.

One of the most important things to maintaining beautiful, clear skin is to avoid touching your face unless you’ve washed your hands, and even then, attempt to keep it to a minimum.

Daily Routine

Step One – Choose a Cleanser

Make sure that you use a cleanser at least twice a day, in both the morning and at night, and after activities which cause you to perspire. Removing the buildup of free radicals and salt deposits on your face is the first step to avoid bacterial growth which leads to acne. Choose a cleanser that is suitable to your skin type, hypoallergenic, and pH balanced for the best results.

Step Two – Tone Your Skin

Many people forget the importance of using an alcohol-free toner meant to replenish and restore your pH balance to a normal level. When you wash your face, although you are cleaning off tiny debris particles, you are changing the pH balance of your skin. A good toner will bring you back to around 5.5, the natural acidity level of skin. Avoid toner which contains alcohol as they are too drying for the face.

Step Three – Moisturize

Depending on the time of day, you should ideally have a selection of moisturizers to use. During the day, choose a lightweight lotion which contains a SPF level of 15 and over. For evening, a hydrating or repairing lotion or cream is a great choice to help repair the skin. Avoid sticking your fingers into your jars of cream to prevent the spread of bacteria – use a mini spatula or flatten q-tip to remove the cream.

Weekly Routine

Step Four – Exfoliate

Depending on your skin type, most people should take the time to exfoliate their skin at least once per week. This helps slough off dead skin cells which can potentially block pores causing acne, helps facial care products penetrate the skin better, and can even help reduce oil secretions. Avoid doing this on a daily basis though as you can strip too many cells off and irritate the skin.

Step Five – Detoxify

Facial masques containing clay are extremely moisturizing, detoxifying, and help deep clean the skin. Apply the mask from behind your ears, over the face, and down the throat to the décolleté for the best results.

Maintain your new routine on a daily and weekly basis for smooth, clear skin free of blemishes and problem areas.



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