How to Remove Permanent Marker Off of Skin

Steps to Get Rid of Permanent Marker from Your Skin

Permanent markers have so many great purposes.  If you’re artistic or imaginative, you can decorate your school books, create cool designs on t-shirts, or even sketch on walls.  You can even draw on your skin!  But don’t worry, when it comes to the skin it’s not as permanent as you may think.  Eventually your art will come off on its own. If you’re keen getting it off sooner, below are a few ideas to help.

1) Using everyday table salt and some warm water, scrub the marker spots lightly.   After a few seconds, apply some soap, lather and wash. 

2)  Prior to eating, make sure both hands are totally dry.

3)  Ensure that the ink from the permanent marker does not touch your eyes or enter your mouth.

4)  Use over the counter hand purifiers.  Squeeze a dime size onto the markings and polish with a napkin. 

5)  Rubbing alcohol is also a great ink remover.  Simply dab some alcohol onto a cotton pad and scrub gently.  The markings will rise to the surface and you should be able to wipe it off easily. 

6)  Another household item you can use is hairspray.  All you have to do is spray a considerable amount on the ink and rub gently with your fingers.  Then clean the area with soap and water. 

7)  Nail polish remover works great as well.  Just tab the solution onto some toilet paper and wipe!

8)  Sunblock works wonders too.  The oils from the lotion will raise the ink to the surface for easy removal. 

9)  If you have tea tree oil, apply a little bit on the skin. Just be careful to not get it into or near your eyes.  It will sting!

10)   Another sure way to remove ink is with butter.  Simply place the butter on the ink and blot the area with a napkin.  Rather than wiping, the napkin should soak up the ink. 

11)  Here’s a fun way.  Put some toothpaste on the ink then add some mouthwash.  In just a few minutes all you have to do is wash it off with some soap.  Try it!

12)  Lastly, try white glue.  Spread some of the adhesive onto the ink and wait for it to dry.  Once it hardens, strip it back and voila!



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