What to do After Accidentally Clicking on Your Own Google Adsense ads

What should I do after I've mistakenly clicked on an Adsense ad in my own website?
by Updated January 29, 2009

Accidents do happen, and sometimes while you’re browsing your own website you may mistakenly click on one of your own Google Adsense ads.  While one mistaken click probably won’t get you booted out of the Adsense program, it’s still a good idea to report any erroneous clicks to Adsense so they know what happened and that you weren’t trying to scam an advertiser out of money for your own benefit. 

* Update 6-18-2007: Google no longer wants you to email them if you clicked on your own ads.  However, if you do want to notify them, follow the instructions below.

To alert Google, you can send them an email message to adsense-support@google.com and let them know that you accidentally clicked your own Adsense ad unit.  You may want to include the following info in your email:

  1. Your website and the URL of the page where the erroneous click was made.
  2. The date and time of the click.
  3. The advertiser’s website address that you accidentally clicked thru to.
  4. A brief explanation of what happened and that the click was accidental.
  5. You may also want to include something along the lines of: "Please deduct any payment that may have occurred due to this clickthru from my account."
  6. Any other information that may be helpful to Adsense such as your Adsense sign in email address.






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