How to Disable and Uninstall Skype Toolbar for IE8

Remove the Skype add-on toolbar from Internet Explorer or Firefox!
by Updated June 2, 2010

When you install Skype, it will also install a Skype Internet Explorer toolbar and Firefox add-on along with it. This toolbar can be an annoyance in my opinion, especially when you constantly get bombarded with an Internet Explorer Security popup box that says the following:

A website wants to open web content using this program on your computer

Name: SkypeNames 
Skype Technologies SA

To uninstall and remove the Skype add-on from IE do the following:

  1. Open up Internet Explorer  (I'm using IE8).
  2. On the Command bar look for the Skype button icon and click on the button. 
    • The Command bar has the Home, RSS, Email and Print buttons, along with other IE Add-on buttons, if you don't see the Skype icon, you may need to click on the double arrow at the far right-end to show the other Add-ons.
  3. Now in the "Skype add-on for IE" pop-up box click the Uninstall button to remove the Skype add-on from Internet Explorer.
  4. In the Warning window, click OK to remove the Skype add-on from your computer.
  5. The Skype add-on for IE will be fully removed after you reopen all IE windows!
  6. Then a Windows install box will come up, click the Allow button.
  7. You will then be asked to close Internet Explorer  (Choose Automatically or Do not close applications (A Reboot may be required).  Save any work that you may be working on, and then click OK.
  8. The Skype toolbar add-on will the complete the uninstall and should be completely removed from Internet Explorer, once you open up IE.

Also, I'd recommend doing a full restart of your computer.  I had to restart mine, because the microphone stopped picking up sound, but was back to normal after restarting.  At any rate, that's how to uninstall the Skype add-in for IE. 


If you're using Firefox and want to uninstall the add-on follow these steps:

  1. Open Firefox -> go to Tools -> Add-ons -> in Extensions, find the Skype extension for Firefox and click Disable.
  2. Then click the Restart Firefox button to complete your changes.
  3. That's it.


It would certainly have been nicer if instead of automatically installing the Skype toolbar add-in for both Firefox and Internet Explorer, that there was an option during installing Skype that asked you whether or not I wanted to install the skype IE toolbar.  




anonymous by elf_friend on 6/9/2010
Thanks for this! I couldn't find the Skype button icon but was able to uninstall the add-on through the Add/Remove Programs option in Windows.
Doug by Doug on 6/9/2010
Great thanks for providing info on another way to remove the Skype Add-on (I hadn't tried that).

The Skype icon button was actually hidden from view at first in IE8 on the Command bar (for me). If you don't see the Skype icon, you may need to click on the double arrow at the far right-end of the IE8 command bar to show all the installed Add-ons.
anonymous by Rob on 5/10/2011
Thanks. I didn't see it install in IE 9. What's even worse about this is that it installs in Chrome, and on my machine, at least, it's buggy!!! Automatically installs buggy adware.. that's what it is, since calling the phone numbers that it constantly highlights costs money.., It should be illegal.
anonymous by Farooq on 11/23/2011
My problem is that am unable to remove skype toolbar from my control panel there is some error code 2738. can you please suggest some solutioon for me
anonymous by Reta on 12/23/2011
I don't use internet explorer commonly, but there is no skype anything visible for me. I remember installing skype and not accepting an offer for the skype toolbar. I am constantly getting messages saying 'skype toolbar is unresponsive' and it freezers my entire computer. This happens every 5 minutes or so and it is very aggravating. Skype toolbars is not listed in my program list in control panel. If anyone can let me know of anything I can do to uninstall a toolbar I don't even have then that would be great.

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