How to Block Websites in Internet Explorer 8

by Updated January 22, 2011

Here's a step-by-step of how you can actively block websites from Internet Explorer 8 from your web surfing activities.  While this tutorial is based in IE 8, you should be able to use these same steps in Internet Explorer 7 (and possibly IE 6).

  1. Open Internet Explorer and then in the Menu Bar click on Tools → then click on Internet Options.
  2. In the Internet Options pop-up box, click on the 'Content' tab.  In the Content Advisor section, click the Enable... button.  Note if Content Advisor has already been enabled you will have to click either the Disable or Settings button, and then enter the content advisory password.
  3. In the Content Advisor pop-up box, click the 'Approved Sites' tab.  Now enter in the website address you would like to block, then click on the 'Never' button, then click OK.  To block a website completely you need to put * in front of the domain. For instance, to block all pages from, you would type *
  4. Once you've added all the sites/pages you want to block, then click on the 'General' tab within the Content Advisor pop-up box and then check 'Users can see websites that have no ratings' .
  5.  Now click on the 'Create password' button, and enter in an easy to remember password (I would also recommend you enter in a hint for the password as well, so you don't forget it).  Keep in mind that if you skip this step, without creating a password, you will still be prompted to create a password.
  6. Click OK on the Content Advisor pop-up box, and click OK once all pop-up boxes are closed.  That's it!

You will now be able to safely surf the internet without having to worry about opening up unwanted or malicious websites that you've added to your blocked website list within Internet Explorer.

Note: One drawback to having Content Advisor enabled is that it appears to mess with the functionality of completely legitamate websites (for instance parts of Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing websites don't work properly when it's enabled). So just be aware of that.




anonymous by jobin joy on 11/8/2009
thank you
anonymous by Jijin on 2/8/2010
anonymous by KKarim on 3/20/2010
101% helpful
anonymous by Pranay on 6/9/2010
Thanks man its working
anonymous by John on 6/16/2010
its helpful....... i want just block only one website
anonymous by anonymous on 6/20/2010
Thank you. I had 3 websites that kept popping up so much, I was about to.........never mind that. However, thanks to your excellent tip, I was able to stop this from happening. Thank you so much!
anonymous by sumit on 6/24/2010
very helpful.... it worked....
thanxs a lot !!! :)
anonymous by Aaron on 6/29/2010
Thanks! It works!
anonymous by Sammy on 7/10/2010
I don't know... I'm trying to block one site completely with the * thing, and it doesn't work... Why? T__T
anonymous by Anonymous on 8/11/2010
Thank you!
anonymous by tv on 9/28/2010
anonymous by Naseer on 10/19/2010
anonymous by Bilal Arif on 10/31/2010
anonymous by JP on 11/2/2010
problem solver!
anonymous by REVENGE on 12/27/2010
THANKZ u SOOO much!!!! now i can get revenge on some one AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! :D
anonymous by Suresh Cherian on 1/3/2011
Thank you so much. This is a good post
anonymous by firezdog on 1/4/2011
Thank you.
anonymous by Ikhlaq Ahmed on 1/6/2011
thanks alot
anonymous by beezzy on 1/25/2011
thank u
anonymous by oxalis on 1/30/2011
hey! i followed the prodeure step by step as mentioned.
But i am still able to access the site that i blocked using the above method.
Can someone help....i see so many thank yous there..cant figure out whats wrong with the settings?
Please help...its urgent
Thank you
anonymous by JeYpOoT on 3/30/2011
,tNx,.. so helpfull :)
anonymous by Anonymous on 4/18/2011
It does not work for me. The popup keeps coming up. It doesnt go anywhere and pops up about every 7 seconds.
anonymous by hari Khanal on 4/22/2011
Thanks, its working....
anonymous by anonymous on 6/1/2011
anonymous by BillV on 6/22/2011
I'm unimpressed. I just want the site blocked, end of story. Instead I get this content advisor pop-up that I have to respond to. Even then, if I select Cancel, I get a blank new window that I have to close. I want IE to block the site without any interaction from me.
anonymous by mani on 7/13/2011
thankas you
anonymous by H@dia on 7/21/2011
Very Amezing Site. Thank You Very Much.
anonymous by jameslobo on 7/27/2011
thank u very much.......
anonymous by ali on 8/26/2011
i tried to block a website but then after that when i tried to open it.. just come on the screes that enter password i donot want nothing like this option anyway helpful up to some extend not all ,,, not much impressed
anonymous by khan on 9/26/2011
anonymous by Billy Bob on 11/2/2011
To everyone who is trying to block popup's with this method - you should be asking yourself why your getting popup's rather than trying to block them.

Would strongly suggest a spyware/malware/anti virus scan by a trusted and reliable product as you more than likely have something residing on your machine, once removed stop visiting porn sites and the problem shouldn't come back!
anonymous by Jen on 12/4/2011
Here is a video that will show you how:
anonymous by Getting firkined POed with porn-pop-ups on 12/10/2011
I have tried to block porn / dating sites from my computer. Done both script and packet search (DPI).
I have spent $$$ on anti- malware/spyware ...etc. Examined and edited any / all suspected headers.
They just keep coming back, especially the ones from UK, USSR and the US. I don't visit these or those sites. I am old and cantankerous with a very good imagination and memory, so why would I???? I am not the nets cash cow for signing up for one.........G's no respect any more!!!!
Please, Can anyone help?????
Thank you..... PO'ed
anonymous by Yamil on 2/17/2012
Great! at lest the directions!
anonymous by Anonymous on 4/12/2012
thanks for the info. sick and tired of MSN and MSNBC racist political views. Had to block them for my own sanity.
anonymous by davood on 5/10/2012
thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
veryyyyyyyy good
anonymous by Kumaraswamy S on 5/27/2012
Thanks, It is working fine...............................
anonymous by kavi on 2/24/2013
but its asking for the contents advisor password,,everytime when i open the internet for all other sites also....
anonymous by Geedoc on 2/2/2014
Why does blocking something that you don't want on your PC have to be so **** irritating complicated.?????
WE the dumb really don't want to learn how the soft/hard ware works
anonymous by zabi on 4/3/2014
instead of content advisor it shows family safety, plz

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