How to Start using Facebook Video Chat with Skype

How to Facebook Webcam Chat with Skype.
by Updated March 2, 2013

In Facebook’s quest to further improve their services to thousands of people all around the world, they have formed a partnership with Skype to provide you with a convenient video chat application. In July 2011, the Skype/Facebook chat became available. If you still haven’t tried this service yet, then waste no time and ask your friend on Facebook to give you a video call right away.

Here are the steps you can take to have a video chat on Facebook  (Also see: Facebook Video Calling):

Before you can call friends from Facebook, you need to complete a quick, one-time setup. You'll be asked to complete the setup the first time you try to call a friend, or the first time a friend tries to call you.

To call a friend:

  1. Go to their timeline and click Call at the top.
  2. Click Set Up and follow the instructions for your browser.
  3. Once you’ve successfully completed the setup, the call you’ve started with your friend should connect automatically. If it doesn’t, you can call again.


After you complete the quick, one-time setup, you’re ready to make your first call:

  1. Visit your friend’s timeline and click the   button in the top right corner. If you and your friend are already chatting, you can also click the video icon ( ) at the top of your chat window.
  2. When your friend answers, you may have to wait a moment for your call to connect before the video call begins. If your friend hasn’t set up video calling yet, you’ll be asked to wait until the setup is complete.


Remember that you must finish the installation process for you to be able to successfully have a video chat with your friend. Call your friend and talk to him or her for a few minutes for you to be able to call your other friends.

Upon making calls to other people on your friends list, you just have to click on the video button which can be found on the uppermost portion of your friend’s chat window. If your friend doesn’t accept the call, then you can send him or her a video message that they can view later.

Just patiently log in and log out of the social networking site if you are still unable to make a video call with your friends.



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