How to Not Get Wrapped Up in Petty Facebook Problems

by Updated February 26, 2013

Facebook was made to connect people. However, it’s a sad fact that some of the users of the social networking site are quarreling with each other and sending hate messages online simply because of petty issues. This can be a very frustrating situation. You can only fight back with what you type in your posts and you may eventually vent out your anger towards the people around you.

So, what do you do? Follow these 8 steps so you can start to ignore those petty issues on your Facebook account.

1.) Set a sense of balance between your life inside and outside of Facebook. This is the first step that you should do you don't get overwhelmed with any hateful posts that you are receiving on your account. If you have done nothing wrong, then it isn’t your responsibility to respond to those people. Never go down to their level. They will soon calm down and leave you alone. Just continue living your life.

2.) If you have just ended a romantic relationship with someone, then immediately update your relationship status on the social networking site. This step will signify that you are ready to move on and that you don’t plan on clinging on to your ex partner until you finally get yourself “healed”. This will also help prevent your ex lover from disturbing you on the website.

Most importantly, don't ever constantly check up on your ex partner’s Facebook account. You no longer are connected to this person so start a new life without him or her.  You should unsubscribe from their posts, so you don't see them in your Facebook feed, and unsubscribe to any other close friends of theirs if it will be a reminder of your ex.  If you have to block them completely from you Facebook account.

3.) Don’t get too involved with your friends’ status updates. They may not mean everything that they post on the social networking site and besides, it’s their life not yours. Let them solve their own issues or conflicts and extend your help only when they ask for it. Concentrate on the things that you intend to do on your Facebook account and let other people deal with your friends’ social drama. You don’t need that sort of “scene” in your life.

4.) Don’t get obsessed with Facebook. If you do get hooked with the social networking site, then laugh it off. Your friends might secretly be annoyed with all of your regular posts flooding their news feeds, but let them all be. They may confront you regarding this matter so try your best not to get too defensive simply because it’s the truth. You have fallen under the “spell” of the website so make your friends understand your situation instead.

5.) If a friend of yours sends a negative comment on Facebook post, then let that person be. The social networking site is all about freedom of expression. Try to understand them with all the patience that you have. They might just be having a bad day or you might really have said something offensive and inconsiderate in your posts.

Try not to blow the situation out of proportion. Anger will lead you nowhere and it just might ruin your reputation in the social networking site.

6.) If a friend doesn’t accept your friend request after several weeks, then don’t act like it’s the end of the world. That person may have his or her own reasons for ignoring your request, so don’t take it to heart. Besides, there are more people on Facebook who are willing to be your friend so just continue adding the individuals that you want to know better. Don’t waste your time with those people who are not even worthy to be part of your friends list.

7.) Be aware of the things which classify as “Facebook pettiness”. Draw a line between the issues which need your attention and the quarrels that you just need to ignore. Actually, you simply have to follow one main rule for this step. Fight your own battles. If you think that someone has stepped on your dignity, then take time to defend yourself and explain your side of the story. If your enemy seems to be a very close minded individual, then stop responding to his or her comments once you have already said your piece.

8.) Lastly, Facebook does not define your whole personality. You may tend to forget this fact from time to time, but keep in mind what people think of you in the social networking site doesn’t matter. Most of these people don’t know the real you and your true friends outside Facebook can make you realize that. Thus, whenever you feel like you have enough of your enemies in the website, then spend time with the ones you love and stop dealing with the petty issues on your profile.



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