How to Stop Cyber Bullying and Harrassment on Facebook

Tips to Stop Facebook Bullies.

Bullies are basically everywhere. They can be found in your school, workplace and even in your favorite social networking site. That’s why it’s not surprising at all to hear individuals complain about being bullied on Facebook. Now, how do you stay away from this kind of treatment in the online world? Well, we have 10 steps listed below that will help you stay away and stop cyber bullying happing on Facebook.

1.) Determine whether someone is really bullying you or not. Some people can be so sarcastic, but that doesn’t necessarily make them bullies. Plus, don’t overreact about something that your Facebook friend has said about you. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

2.) Take the matter into your own hands. Facebook doesn’t have the capacity to immediately delete pages or groups that are bullying other people. They wait until they receive a lot of complains regarding that page and that’s the only time that they act upon the situation. 

3.) Don’t be a Facebook bully. Remember that you want to stop a destructive system in this social networking site so the advocacy must start within you. Inform all of your Facebook friends about the harmful effects of cyber bullying. Make them realize the huge impact of their words upon someone who didn’t even do anything to them.

4.) Make sure that you personally know all of your Facebook friends. This would make you easily track your bullies if you have any. Avoid adding strangers in the social networking site. This is for your own safety and peace of mind.

5.) If you are a victim of cyber bullying and you just can’t take it anymore, then feel free to deactivate your account on Facebook. You can alway activate it again in the social networking site when you’re mature enough to ignore and play a blind eye to all of your haters.

6.) Don’t step down to their level. Always remember that bullies are immature individuals who have a lot of insecurities in themselves. Thus, no matter how hard it is, don’t respond to their remarks. Let them talk all they want and allow them to waste their energy for nothing. Don’t let them get under your nerves. They are not worth your time.

7.) If you feel that your bully won’t stop bothering until you beg him or her to do so, then know what caused this person to hate you so much. Most of the time, bullies have personal issues with their victims so if possible, ask this person about the cause of his or her behavior. Talk things over in a peaceful manner.

8.) However, if things get worse, then have the courage to confront your bullies. Send them a private message to stop bullying you in the social networking site. If they continue to bother you, then post a message in their walls for everyone to know how cruel these people are. They need to know that you are capable of putting them to shame if necessary.

9.) Inform your closest friends about your situation. You can also tell the members of your family about your problem. They can help you stop your bullies from destructing your life. They can even expose the ill behavior of these people on the social networking site letting you gain more supporters on your side.

10.) Tell Facebook about the people who are bullying you in their platform. Do this step if these people don’t have the intention to leave you alone after you courteously confront them of their actions. Let the administrators of the website settle the issue if you have already done everything that you can.



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anonymous by Rachel on 7/9/2022

It’s 2022 and they have yet to actually stop it. Countless times I see adults, ADULTS, acting much worse than teenagers. I see dangerous things like people slandering or insulting a person they don’t know, and they attack their parenting, their job, their education, it’s truly sickening. The internet was not made for everyone, people should have to show a level of maturity in order to have access to it, much like driving a car.

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