How to Get Rid of a Facebook Stalker

How can I cope with a facebook cyberstalker?
by Updated May 13, 2013

A stalker on Facebook is someone who can be hard to get rid of especially when you don’t have what it takes to be rude to them.  If you don't completely defriend them, his person will stay as your friend in the social networking site and will probably continue to do what he or she is doing unless you do something about it.

Learn how to manage your life with the presence of these people. Use the following tips as a guide when dealing with your Facebook stalkers.

1.) Know who is your real Facebook stalker(s). There is a line which separates an admirer from a stalker so determine the characteristics which make up that line. If you already feel threatened by the constant messages that you are getting from this person or by the way he or she likes all of your posts, then you may already consider this person as a Facebook stalker. If you don’t feel that way, then you are free to continue communicating with this person.

2.) If the person doesn’t stop sending you links, comments and messages after telling him or her that you feel uncomfortable with his or her actions, then you have a serious Facebook stalker. If this person hangs out in the places where you have checked in on Facebook, then you need to treat this person seriously. Be aware that this person might have the capability to hurt you in the future either physically or emotionally, so you need to start being cautious with what you are posting on the social networking site.

3.) Know the reason as to why this person is stalking you on Facebook. If you’re a celebrity and this person is one of your biggest fans, then you can probably conclude that he or she is stalking you out of pure admiration. However, if this person intends to cause you harm and if he or she is stalking you for that reason, then that’s clearly something that you need to be alarmed about. You need to get to the bottom of the situation for you to be able to plan your next set of actions.

4.) Deal with the situation your own way. You are free to feel any emotion with regards to your stalker on Facebook. You can feel overwhelmed with the level of attention that he or she is giving you on the social networking site or you can feel pressured for you can’t rant on Facebook about your stalker without having him or her know about how you really feel. First figure out where you stand in this whole situation and then you can determine the ways on how you can deal with your online stalker.

5.) If this person is not totally freaking you out, then communicate with him or her in a constructive way. This person is not bothering you and he or she just caught your attention so you don’t need to start accusing him or her of horrible things. Also, this person might be oblivious to the fact that he or she is stalking your profile in such an active way, so try to make him or her be aware of one’s actions first.

6.) On the other hand, if this person appears to know what he or she is doing, then interact less with this individual. Don’t show them any sign that would make them believe that you enjoy having them as your stalkers. Reply with an “ok” for their lengthy messages on Facebook. Hopefully, they would lose interest in getting to know all about your life. The same goes for all of their comments on your wall. Simply discourage them from stalking you.

7.) Inform your friends about your Facebook stalker. Make sure that all of your mutual friends know that this person is harassing you for them to help you in securing your safety and that of your family. Your friends can tell you about what your stalker is doing or they can even warn this person themselves. You would need all of the support that you get from the people who genuinely care about you for you to finally get rid of your online stalker.

8.) Give them hints that would make them realize that you already know that they are stalking you. However, try your best not to embarrass them on the social networking site. You still need to respect them for you were raised to be a mature individual. Tag them in one of your statuses. Inform all of your friends on Facebook that this person likes and comments on all of your posts. Remember that you are not being mean in doing this.

9.) If you have already asked this person to stop stalking you, then you would have to do it again. However, this time around make sure that your stalker gets to hear the message clearer. You need to be firmer in order for the person to realize that he or she is bothering you already. Nevertheless, don’t forget your manners. Keep them with you no matter what happens. Politely confront your stalker and try not to make a huge fuss on the social networking site.

10.) If they refuse to stop what they are doing after you directly confront them, then it’s time for you to look into the block option in Facebook. Warn your stalkers that you’re going to block them from viewing your profile if they continue to make you feel threatened. If they appear to be hard headed people, then finally block them in the social networking site. Don’t feel guilty upon doing this. It’s for your own peace of mind and for the security of your own family.

11.) If you still feel traumatized about everything that you have went through because of your Facebook stalker, then have somebody listen to your fears. Talk to a counselor or to people who are closer to you such as your best friends and parents. Let them help you forget about your traumatic experience. Also, learn to leave the past as it is. If deactivating your Facebook profile would make you feel better, then you may do so.



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