How to Stop Yourself from Checking Facebook All the Time

How to wean yourself from a Facebook addiction.

Using Facebook began with curiosity. We wanted to know what’s going on and we wanted to be considered “in” so that’s why almost all of us created our respective accounts. However, this social networking site can easily become an addiction. Thus, if you are starting to feel that you can’t live without Facebook, then here are some steps you can take to help you minimize your dependency on the website.

1.) Find websites that can slowly replace Facebook in your life. For example, if you are using your social network account to send messages to your friends and colleagues, then go back to the standard email providers such as Yahoo and Gmail.

Find interesting hobbies that you can do so you won’t feel the need to log-in to your account.  Stay active!

2.) If you are becoming less productive as a professional because of Facebook, then you have get out of the destructive habit. This may be difficult to do, but all you need to do in the beginning is have a firm decision to make a change in your life. Believe that you can live without Facebook.

3.) Set a limited number of minutes or hours in using your Facebook account. Fervently stick to that schedule. It’s for your own good. Know that too much of anything would never benefit you so take an account of yourself and know your limitations. Besides, Facebook won’t bring food to your table. Always keep that in your mind.

4.) Aside from setting a time schedule for your Facebook usage, you should also write down all of the activities that you intend to do while you’re using your account. Cleverly divide your time for all of those tasks like checking on the profile of your crush or replying to your messages. Make sure that you don’t go beyond the limit that you have already set in step no. 3.

5.) Jot down all of the more meaningful events or activities that you could have done instead of logging in to your Facebook account. Know that sometimes, the social networking site can be a total waste of time and there are more things which need your undivided attention. Never make Facebook your life because it was never meant to be that way.

6.) Go back to your original reasons for using Facebook. If you have signed up to Facebook to stay updated with all of your friends’ lives, then mainly check on the profiles of your colleagues as you log in to your account. Don’t go stalking the profiles of your favorite artists if you want to adhere to your time schedule.

7.) After using your account, ask yourself about the things that Facebook has helped you gain. Did you get a new job because of the social networking site? Have you met the love of life by chatting with total strangers? At the end of the day, you alone can determine whether Facebook has done something to improve your way of living or not.



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