How to Save Web Pages for Offline Viewing Later

Tips to save web pages for reading later offline.
by Updated July 18, 2018

Here are some software applications that will allow you to view web pages even without the presence of the Internet:

If these applications are not readily available in your device, then you can always download them from legitimate sites.

Offline Viewing for Android Users

Offline Browser is what you need on your Android device if you want to experience great offline viewing. Simply launch this application and press the + symbol for your library to store the web page that you like. You can also filter its saving options. For example, you can instruct it to store in the library exclusive URL’s which have the keywords that you have specified.

This feature is simply perfect for people who are working as SEO or keyword analysts.

Online Capabilities

  • saves external links
  • downloads Flash objects
  • updates the web page

Offline Viewing on iOS

The free Offline Pages Pro is now available on any device. Thus, you can basically view your saved web pages anytime, anywhere and even without the Internet! This application works like a browser so just key in your desired URL and look for the Save button in the app’s address bar.

Online Capabilities

  • updates the web page
  • saves external links

These features can be further modified in the Options menu of the application so just click that button and whip the settings the exact way that you want them.

Offline Viewing on a Standard Browser

A standard browser can also let you save web pages for offline use. Simply go the page that you want to save, click File and look for Save Page As. Choose the “Web Page, Complete” option. As a result, an HTML file would be saved in your computer along with a folder that contains its backup files. Just leave the folder as it is, never place it on your Recycle bin and simply view your saved web page from the HTML file. 

If you are one of the people who unfortunately got affected by Hurricane Sandy, then let this article give you the solution that you need. Don’t let the storm stop you from running your business or doing your paper works. Life goes on and with the offline viewing services mentioned above, you have nothing to worry about. You can still take hold of your future and live like a natural calamity never occurred in your side of town.



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