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What is Middle Child Syndrome?

Understanding Middle Child Syndrome?

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Families who have more than two children unknowingly have children who developed what psychologists termed as “Middle Child Syndrome.” Of course, this only happens to children born in the middle.

Eldest and youngest siblings are often the center of attraction for parents. This is because they have strong characteristics as either the eldest or the youngest. The eldest posses a sense of leadership and has greater responsibility in the family, while the youngest is often the favorite one. They have definite roles in the family that they can fulfill. Unfortunately, middle children often are in the dark. Not that the parents are not doing their job well, it is because middle child receives the least attention from their parents and parents are often doing this unconsciously.

The symptoms of middle child syndrome vary from mild to severe. Oftentimes children develop low self-esteem, feeling of being unwanted, he or she may feel invisible and unimportant, leads a life with no direction, and can sometimes be rebellious. Although these symptoms often appear and disappear at childhood and adolescent stages, some psychologists note middle child syndrome cases all the way to their adult lives. This can cause conflicts in workplace and personal life.

Parents play a great role in the child’s development. They can surely prevent this from happening by paying more attention to their middle child. They should be sensitive to each of their child’s needs by spending quality time with each child and making them feel that they are loved and appreciated equally. Family bonding time helps a lot in addressing each of the child’s needs, whether or not they are middle child. Simply talking to them during dinner time and asking about their day can go a long way. Do not compare one child from another because each of them is unique. Let them develop their own skills and talents and appreciate what they can do.

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