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Are Bluetooth Headsets Really Harmful to Your Health?

Can using a bluetooth headset cause health problems such as brain cancer?

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A lot of discussion has surrounded the question as to whether using a cell phone or a headset, particularly Bluetooth models, can compromise one’s health and even potentially cause cancer. Unfortunately there is no solid evidence to confirm the detrimental effects caused by using such gadgets; however, a lot of experts believe that there is possible risk to health problems or even cancer from exposure to microwave emissions from cell phones or Bluetooth headsets.

The evolution of technology through the years has prompted researchers to find out if devices like cell phones such are really harmful to our health. Evidence has proven the risks of exposure to certain microwaves and people have a valid reason to be concerned given the fact that cell phones are also microwave emitters. Both consumers and experts have called out the possible harm that can be caused by frequently placing microwave emitting devices close to the head and brain. Bluetooth headsets are even a bigger cause of worry since they are positioned inside the ear and even nearer to the brain.

Interestingly, the results of various studies conducted were very extreme. Some studies say cell phones pose as health risks while others mention they don’t. Aside from this, there are some people who have been identified to be overly sensitive to microwave radio frequencies which cause them to have headaches when they get near a cell phone that has just been turned on or they enter a room with someone using a cell phone or a headset. The US Federal Communications Commission, United States Food and Drug Administration and the United Kingdom National Radiological Protection Board all have evidence that proves that cell phones are not a health threat; however, there is still room for further research.

In depth studies have not been conducted with users of Bluetooth headsets and their risk of developing cancer because they are a fairly new technology. Earpiece models indeed emit lower levels of radiation compared to cell phones but the way earpieces are used makes its power source nearer to the brain. Opinions on the use of Bluetooth headsets are divided fairly equally between those who believe they are riskier and those who think that there’s nothing to worry about because of the very low radiation levels being emitted.

Since Bluetooth only started to be used in cell phone technology around mid-1990s, there is still a lot of room for research on the long term effects of using the said technology. Some say that in another twenty years or so, the first generation of users can then be used as part of research so that more evidence can be collected. If you are skeptic about this technology, then you might just opt to use the speaker phone feature of your cell phone to be on the safe side until further scientific research can provide a more definite answer.

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