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Can Superglue be used to Close a Wound?

Can superglue be used to close minor cuts or small wounds? Can Super Glue Heal Wounds?

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If we trip and fall and get wounded, our normal response is to clean the wound, apply antiseptics and medical dressing. However, for serious wounds we get panicky and rush for medical attention. Deep wounds may then require some stitching to close it. This procedure is still not a thing that everyone has access to right away, but there is a surprising alternative to close the wound and that is with the use of superglue.

Try at your own risk
The superglue in its liquid form is composed of cyanoacrylate molecules. It is the methyl alcohol in superglue which causes heat and aids in the bonding of objects together. Medical superglues are also available replacing the conventional stitching in closing several kinds of wounds. Glues available in local store may also help in closing wounds but your skin would be prone to irritation. Also, when used with deep wounds there is a tendency for it to kill skin cells surrounding the wound.

If you’re not in the medical profession and are more than willing to help someone or help yourself dealing with wound treatment, the use of superglue should be the last thing to consider. If there is a medically safer and a better choice, it is encouraged to use such procedure. Superglue can be best used to close minor skin cuts and abrasions.

For severely wounded persons, it’s best to have medical experts take care of them. So in the case of a something like a gunshot wound, never attempt to superglue it! Nevertheless, it is true that the US military used superglue to treat wounded soldiers during the Vietnam War; problems with the use of it were also recorded. Still, there is a possibility that doctors were able to save numerous lives applying such superglue methods.

At present, medical services offer the use of medical superglues to treat and heal certain kinds of wounds. Aside from cyanoacrylate, medical superglues also consist of butyl, isobutyl, or octyl known to prevent bacterial infection. There are only a few types of glues approved by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Since superglue is not all super safe, it is still best to treat wounds the basic and the classic way. Medical superglue is still known to cause skin irritation which only delays the healing process. However, if you are caught in a situation where basic medical treatment is not accessible, superglue may save your life. It’s good for an emergency and perhaps it’s useful for the doomsday scenario.

I think it might work I guess.

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