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How is a Sociopath Different From a Psychopath?

What's the difference between a Psychopath and a Sociopath?

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Characteristics of a Psychopath

• They are not easy to be sent to jail for their crimes are well planned and executed.
• They take a considerable amount of time in planning their revenge and violent acts.
• Actually, they act like normal individuals for they live in standard apartments or homes.
• They can easily manipulate someone’s emotions. This is because they have a deeper understanding on someone’s feelings even if they find it hard to say what they really feel.
• They are extremely organized people letting others trust and completely like them.
• They even have fruitful careers.
• They can have normal relationships with their romantic partners, kids and with their parents as well.

.Characteristics of a Sociopath

• They leave clues for other people to find and identify their situation.
• They can suddenly be violent and their acts are erratic.
• They choose to live outside the society. They can be found in New York City’s subway tunnels.
• They transfer from one place to another and they don’t stay on one job.
• They can’t relate well with their colleagues, friends and families.
• They can’t organize of the course of their life well.

The Similarities between a Sociopath and a Psychopath

• They are both anti-social personality illnesses. They prevent their patients from getting involved with their societies.
• They don’t get emotionally attached with others. You can say that these people have hearts of stone.
• They can act normally with a lot of people yet they can have cruel thoughts forming inside their minds already.
• They can’t be genuine with any emotion.
• They don’t feel guilty at all whenever they do their crimes.
• They basically have no conscience instilled in them.
• They enjoy seeing someone suffer.

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