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Why are some people Double Jointed?

What does Double Jointed mean?

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Other people are extremely lucky enough to have bodies that are flexible and can do more than what average people can. Some people can be very flexible and twist and bend their joints to the extreme level. Oftentimes, these types of people are called double jointed or are believed to have double joints.

The joints in the body function as a connector that connects two bones together and allows motion or movement in usually one direction and limited flexibility. Ball-and-socket joints allow motion in both directions. The fibrous tissue that surrounds and cushions the joints is called a cartilage. It also plays a great factor in the flexibility of the joints. The physical structure of the ball-and-socket joint also plays a big factor. Having a shallow socket allows greater range of motion, therefore more flexibility. Some ligaments and cartilage are plainly very stretchable and it allows the person to do extremely difficult task without hurting themselves.

Children especially the newborns are very flexible. Comparing an adult to a toddler, toddlers can do stretches and other flexibility exercises without hurting themselves. The older we get, the less flexible we can be. This is because cartilage hardens in time thus restricting motion.

The term double jointed is used to refer people who have extremely flexible joints. The term is used as such probably because in the past, people thought that those who are flexible have more joints compared to those who are not flexible enough. They often termed these people as such believing that they have more joints compared to normal people. In reality, all people have the same number of joints, it’s just that the double jointed people have stretched their muscles and joints above the limit as well as several factors such as those stated above affects the way their joints can be stretched or flexed beyond limits. When a person started to flex, stretched or bend his or her joints beyond limits at an early age, chances are he will also be termed as one of the double jointed people. Some people are just plain lucky enough to be very flexible.

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