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Should I get an anti-fatigue mat for my Standing Desk?

Do I really need a  anti-fatigue mat for my standing desk in my office? The floor is carpeted, will it make that much of a difference?

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Yes, definitely get yourself an anti-fatigue mat if you are using a standing desk at work or home. Don't think twice about getting one if you are standing on a hard floor. Even if you have carpeted floors, the anti-fatigue mat makes a huge difference in how much better your feet feel while standing (even for just a minute or two). won't want to step off the mat onto carpeted floor Your knees will also thank you, and you'll be able to stand for longer periods of time without getting tired.

I recently started using the Anti Fatique Mat by SKY MATS from amazon. It's awesome and makes a huge difference. I just wish I had picked up the mat years ago after I first started using my Workrite Sonoma Premium sit-stand desk back in 2008. If you have carpeted floors the mat may slide around a little bit. I used one piece of Velcro Extreme to secure the mat to my carpet and keep it from shifting around.

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