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Will Cracking Knuckles Cause Any Harm to your Fingers?

Is it bad to crack your knuckles?

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Cracking knuckles do not cause any harm according to health experts. Although there are instances that it may cause injury, but it is far from popular belief that it causes the degenerative disease which is osteoarthritis.
Some scientific studies show that habitual cracking of knuckles may cause the ligaments and joints to weaken, making your hands weak too and unable to hold a stronger grip. It will also cause the fingers to swell. But this event is unlikely to happen at all.

What exactly happens when you crack your knuckles? The cracking sound is a gas bubble escaping from the ligaments. The synovial fluid that is present around the tendons will be filled with gas. When you crack your knuckles, these gases are then released because the ligaments and tendons are stretched, allowing gas to escape and cause a popping sound. You cannot pop again your fingers within 30 minutes since it requires around 30 minutes for gas to build up around the ligaments again.

Experts say there is really no harm done if you crack your knuckles occasionally. Unfortunately, serious damage can occur if crack your knuckles too rough or if cracking already causes pain. This is because of wear and tear theory although it is not proven yet by scientific studies. When you crack your knuckles too hard, you risk yourself of tearing and damaging the tendons and ligaments which in turn causes you to lose your grip strength. It may also cause inflammation of the ligaments and tendons. Professional athletes such as softball players, tennis players, or golf players are discouraged to crack their knuckles to prevent lose grip.

Pain while cracking your knuckles may be a symptom of osteoarthritis or other diseases. It is best to consult your physician when this happens. Remember, cracking your knuckles should never be painful.

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