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How do you Treat a Pulled Muscle?

What are some treatments to use on Pulled Muscles?

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How to Treat a Pulled Muscle?

The condition which describes torn muscle fibers is what you call pulled muscle. An individual’s hamstring is the body part that usually experiences this kind of condition. It connects your knee to your butt and it can be found on your thigh’s back area. Nevertheless, all your muscles can still be pulled unexpectedly.

Causes of the Condition:

• Activities which bring too much stress on a person’s muscle.
• Lack of a proper warm up routine

Characteristics of a Pulled Muscle:

• Bruises in the affected area
• Severe pain which can get worse over time

Treatment of the Condition:

Pulled muscles can never go back to their normal form overnight. Thus, you have to be patient and do the following remedies at home for you to have a faster recovery.

• Keep the affected area warm. However, avoid using heating pads. Take a quick shower or a long bath with the use of lukewarm water instead. This step can certainly lessen your muscle pain because it also affects your metabolism and blood circulation. Warm water can prevent your joints to go stiff and your muscles to experience spasms as well.

• Carefully stretch your muscles because if you exert too much effort on the affected area, you might end up in the hospital on the very next day because of severe pain.

• Apply arnica cream on your pulled muscle to sooth the pain that you’re experiencing. It’s a product that can be used by everybody as long as they have this body condition.

• Place a pack full of ice on top of the affected area to lessen the pain and the swelling of the muscle. Get a stretchable bandage. Place it around the injured body part to keep it safe from external pressure and to help it recover in a short period of time.

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