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What exactly is Taurine?

What's the role of Taurine in the Human Body?

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What is Taurine?

• It is an amino sulfuric acid which is common in the central nervous system, white blood cells, heart muscles and human bones. Thus, it is one of the most essential substances being naturally produced by the human system.
• It can be seen in bacteria, fungi and seaweed as well. That is because this acid is present in plants too.
• It helps maintain and develop the condition of a cat’s or infant’s eyes. Thus, an infant must be able to sufficiently produce this type of substance in one’s early stages of growth.
• It also helps the human body to better absorb fat soluble vitamins and digest fats. Therefore, it certainly plays an important role in one’s digestive system.
• It is a primary bile component. A bile is found in a human’s digestive system as well.
• It is often found in commercial energy drinks which are increasingly becoming famous among young adults and teenagers nowadays.

History of Taurine

• This acid was first found in the bile of an ox in 1827 by Leopold Gmelin and Friedrich Tiedermann who are both scientists in Austria.
• This is the reason why Taurine came from the Latin word Taurus which refers to a bull.

Unproven Benefits of Taurine

• It is said to have the capacity to lower blood sugar levels, blood pressure and excessive weight. Thus, it is truly beneficial for plus size individuals who have diabetes as well.
• Together with a substance called creatine, taurine can prevent muscles from being sore and from experiencing fatigue.
• According to researchers from the University of London, taurine can treat somebody from an extreme hangover for it has beneficial effects to a human’s liver. It can prevent the organ from acquiring too much fat.
• Can treat someone from bipolar depression

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