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What are Muscle Spasms?

What are the causes of a Muscle Spasm?

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The Things That You Need to Do for Your Muscle Spasms

What are Muscle Spasms?

• If a tissue in your muscle contracts without you controlling the movement, then you are definitely experiencing a muscle spasm.
• They can give you a sharp or mind blowing pain but that would depend on which part of your body is the muscle located and how big or small it is.
• Muscle spasms can occur in any part of a human’s anatomy.

A Muscle’s Nature

• Our brain with the help of nerves instructs our muscles to extend, flex, relax or contract depending on the situation.

Causes of a Muscle Spasm

• multiple sclerosis
• venom coming from snakes and other animals
• the presence of poison strychnine in the person’s system
• too much exercise or lack of warm up routines
• lack of water inside the human body
• strained or injured muscles for short and rare spasms
• faulty nerves which might be caused by brain or nerve damage
• lack of electrolytes (calcium, magnesium and potassium) in a person’s body causing the nerve signals not to reach their designated muscles which results to improper contraction.

Kinds of a Muscle Spasm

• Cramp – occurs in the body for a short period of time only and gets back to normal after a few minutes.
• Stomach Cramp – a painful condition that can cause you to vomit or feel nauseated as well. It is brought about by IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, stomach flu and colic for infants. You are advised to take your medicines and eat well for you to get rid of IBS. If you have a stomach flu, then you can just allow time to let it disappear unless you are already experiencing dehydration.
• Angina – occurs when the heart’s not receiving enough blood which causes its muscles to contract. It brings pain to your chest and to your jaw, shoulders and neck once it gets worse. Your heart’s arteries can also harden and develop into a condition called atherosclerosis. This condition needs to be treated immediately for it can also lead to a heart attack.
• Medication is often used to treat it, although sudden pain, pain that gets worse, and cramping that lasts for more than 10 minutes may be a sign of a coming heart attack.
• Charley Horse – occurs briefly on the calf muscle. It is usually caused by lack of water or trauma. Don’t fight this kind of spasm if you don’t want to experience contraction in your abdomen too. Simply massage the muscle and relax for the pain to go away.

Preventive Measures

• Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
• You can also drink energy beverages for this matter.
• Stretch most times of the day.
• Do exercise routines on a daily basis.
• Eat the right kinds of food especially those containing the electrolytes needed by your body. Bananas are the perfect example of these foods.
• You can take vitamins as well.

How to Get Your Cramps Cured

• Go to your doctor.
• Take your medicines.
• Have a healthier diet.
• Have a physical therapist help you out.

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