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How does someone get Water Poisoning?

How can you get Water Poisoning?

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We all need water in order for us to live. In fact, almost half of the human body consists of H20. The problem only comes in when we consume too much water.

Causes of Water Poisoning

• taking too much water in just a few minutes
• Example: drinking 3 liters of water in one go

Factors That Might Affect or Lead to Its Occurrence

• Psychogenic polydipsia – a mental disorder causing a patient to irrationally consume too much water
• hazing among most college students
• addiction to illegal drugs for drug addict drink lots of water to prevent them from getting dehydrated
• the period of time in which the water was consumed
• the water’s temperature
• any exercise that the patient has done while he or she is experiencing water poisoning
• current physical condition


• patient doesn’t react with one’ surroundings
• dizziness
• headache
• vomiting
• lightheadedness

Effects of Water Poisoning

• Hyponatremia – a condition in which the potassium and sodium levels in one’s blood plasma becomes over diluted. This condition results to osmotic shift of cell fluid as well.
• Hyperhydration or water intoxication – this condition has gentler effects compared to water poisoning.
• swollen cells in the central nervous system
• disturbed brain activities for the condition can cause body fluids to have an unequal number of electrolytes and sodium compounds.
• Severe water poisoning and water intoxication can result to the death of human cells.
• Once the sodium in one’s blood plasma dangerously drops, seizures, coma, brain swelling and even death might take place.

People Who Are Prone to Water Poisoning

• athletes who often participate in marathons
• Example: athlete Cynthia Lucero’s death in the Boston Marathon which happened in year 2002


• Make use of your common sense and instincts in drinking water
• Avoid dehydration without falling into water poisoning.
• Athletes are recommended to consume sports drinks containing electrolytes during their exercise routines to prevent them from experiencing water poisoning.
• Check the amount of water that you consume whenever you’re thirsty.

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