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What are the symptoms of the Truman Syndrome?

What is the Truman Syndrome?

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All about Truman Syndrome

• It is a mental disorder in which a person is made to believe that he or she belongs to a reality show on TV.
• It makes him or her believe that other people are closely watching his or her daily activities.
• It got its name from the 1998 movie entitled The Truman Show. The main character of this film was being monitored all his life without him knowing it.
• It usually occurs to people who live in well developed countries where reality shows on TV and CCTV cameras are readily available. Therefore, experts suggest that this syndrome is based on culture.
• It is an extremely dangerous abnormality to a person who has it. Thus, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.
• It is a very complicated kind of delusion that can lead a person to total paranoia.
• Like the Truman Show’s main character, people having this syndrome believe that they are on their way to discovering who are “watching” them. This leads them to become violent with medical professionals who try to tell them otherwise.
• They easily get frustrated with people who think that they are lunatics on the loose.
• They believe that the government or a TV audience is watching their every move.
• They don’t believe in realistic events for they think that they are only part of the story that they’re living in.
• They feel that a camera is constantly on them recording all of their actions.
• They feel that everything around them is not real.
• They believe that in order for them to emerge as winners of the “reality TV show”, they must do dangerous things such as killing other people. Their actions would really depend on the severity of their Truman’s syndrome.
• The best way to treat this syndrome is by undergoing extensive talk therapy.

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