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What Makes Multiple Personality Disorder Different from Schizophrenia?

What is the main difference of Multiple Personality Disorder vs. Schizophrenia?

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MPD or Multiple Personality Disorder

• As it name implies, a patient with this illness has more than one personality which can dictate how a person behaves and can reach up to a maximum number of 100. However, a patient with MPD acquires ten personalities on an average.
• At rare occasions, an MPD patient even makes up distinct mannerisms and appearance for each of her multiple personalities.
• caused by childhood trauma such as sexual or physical maltreatment
• helps the patient handle the fear from that trauma. It actually aids them in coping up with the situation.
• occurs mostly in children with ages 5 to 6 because of the early trauma experience by the patient
• A female patient can act like a male while a male patient can also have an alter personality of a female. However, they can have personalities of the same sex as well.
• It’s not an inborn disease for it is not caused by a human’s genetic make up.


• suicide attempts
• disorientation
• childhood behavioral issues
• delusions on a rare case basis
• self-mutilation
• depression


• an illness in an individual’s brain
• It can be passed for generations and generations. Thus, it can be an inborn disease.
• rarely occurs in children
• appears in women who have ages 20 to 30
• occurs in men from ages 16 to 25


• Since it’s a mental illness, people who have schizophrenia may look like normal citizens until they speak of their hallucinations.
• suicide attempts
• often immobile
• dysfunctional
• sometimes makes clumsy movements
• makes senseless comments
• fearful
• inability to make and implement plans
• has minimal facial expressions
• distant
• short attention span
• disoriented
• delusions
• false belief

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