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What are the Differences Between a Psychopath and a Sociopath?

What is different between Sociopathy vs. Psychopathy?

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Many people often wonder what the difference is between a Psychopath and a Sociopath. However, there really is no distinct ‘official’ definition. They actually are both considered Antisocial Personalities. Psychopaths and Sociopaths have similar tendencies. They are different than psychosis. The only difference would be that the idea of psychopath is actually different than sociopath. Psychopath has a more define diagnosis.                  

Psychopath and Sociopath Similarities:

Psychopath and Sociopath both don’t show any care towards someone else’s feelings and or rights. Often these symptoms happen around the age of 15 and can also be shown by cruelty to animals. They both show no remorse or guilt for their bad actions. They break laws and don’t follow any rules. They put anyone and themselves at risk. They are very much alike even though they are two separate disorders.

Diagnosing Psychopath and Sociopath:

Psychopath is usually diagnosed using the Hare Psychopathy Checklist. This is divided into two different factors:

First factor : Aggressive Narcississm- includes characteristics such as a lack of empathy, failure to take on responsibility, etc.

Second Factor: Socially Deviant Lifestyle- continuously depending on others, easily boredom, impulsive, no long term goals.

•  Diagnosing Sociopathy is usually diagnosed based on the criteria for Psychopathy.

Proposed Causes:

Psychopath and Sociopath can develop genetically. Also, they could come on through environmental factors also such as being brought up in such a way that the child is exposed to all of these tendencies. Some children get brought up this way and because of this; they think this is the right way.  Many people confuse these two disorders with Psychosis but they are indeed different from that disorder.

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